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As floods of information about Guild Wars 2 are released some tidbits of information are overlooked. As I wrote in an earlier post, the Luna Atra interview mentions something that should be of grave importance to PvP players.

We believe that in order to build a more cohesive user base for competitive PvP the team size for tournaments should be smaller than eight (to make it easier to form teams), and should remain consistent between all game types and tournaments ( to avoid fragmenting the user base). We are not yet revealing the actual team size, but it will be greater than four and less than six.

I’ve been kind of shocked this hasn’t got more attention. Even when I bring it up in game with friends who are interested in PvP, I get shrugs or silence.

PvP in Guild Wars is a large portion of content. Early in the games history it felt like half of all the content revolved around PvP, even for those who avoided it.

And we are talking about a gaming studio that thinks of their product as an E-sport and give away large sums of money to the people who win their tournaments.

I’ve seen one thread on the GW2Guru forums, and the occaisional comment therein, and nothing else on the subject.

Shouldn’t the fanboys be all over this one? What is the problem? Is it that we know very little else? Perhaps the really hardcore fans of GW are by and large PvE care bears? Does nobody care? Have I just missed the outrage, if so, where?

I expected outcry from the fans of the 8v8 format. I expected outrage from fanboys who can’t stand anything that deviates from their idea of what the game should be like.

What I got in return is a lukewarm response.

Check out this 2v1



  1. I think that there is reason for that, and the reason is that 5 players will be better in the new game.
    We almost know for sure that healers will have less important part in the game, and they are ~2 of 8 in GW.

    • Yeah I was thinking there may be less controversy over it simply because it looks like an improvement, on the other hand, you’d think even that would be talked about.

  2. It was a strange comment, did he mean to be so wierd about saying 5 in size? I don’t mind 5 in size. Getting 8 in GW2 was always a struggle and thinking about tactics with 8 was mind bending. Especially if you wanted to defeat two other teams of 8.
    I hope they continue with facing off against more than one group of appoinents. It forces people to have to use a brain rather than just equipment and skills.

    • I doubt the more competitive forms of pvp will fight more than one team. world versus world is said to have 3 servers fighting it out though i think.

  3. It was discussed over at TeamQuitter. I think the hardcore PvPers are staying away from Guru until we get more solid info. JR has also started a pvp-focused forum separate from guru at

    • Yeah i figured pvp forums would have some idea, it just strikes me that this is big information that more people should be interested in, a few threads here and there are less than I’d expect.

  4. Hummm, I think, it was discussed. And ANet got even flamed for this information. Yes, it wasn’t discussed much, because this is more or less the only thing we know about the PvP in GW 2. Ueee, we know that there will be World vs World (which won’t be really interesting for the serious PvP players), and that there will be some other PvP formats.
    What can be said for or against the 5vs5, when not even the Classes or the relevant PvP formats are official?
    «Err, I don’t like 5vs5 because… 8 is the more beautiful cypher»?

    One point was, that different map sizes should result in different group sizes.
    Another was, that this would be bad for build diversity.
    And the monk discussion of course was heated up once again (which isn’t a real argument in my opinion).
    But there were also positive points like there won’t be as much room for spikes.

    But the talk didn’t get really hot, so it may seem that this information got overlooked. There are more interesting things at this time, like class discussion. An other reason for the thrifty feedback could be, that PvP players often use their guild intern forums and not Guru to speculate about this stuff.

    • i think the examples you present are exactly what could be being discussed right now, but basically nobody has picked up on it in a big way.

      • Well, shouldn’t you have more confirmed information to pick up a discussion in a «big way»? I mean we neither know something about map size, nor about the six missing professions, nor something about how the skills in particular work. Like said before, all we know about PvP is 5vs5 and WvsW. That’s NOTHING. We just can discuss, supposing GW 2 PvP would be exactly like PvP in GW 1.

        In some way I agree with you. PvP players are the biggest flamers and bashers (at least thats my experience apart from hardcore DoP/similar SCers), it wouldn’t be surprising if they would make a huge drama about this few words. But if they weren’t like that, wouldn’t it be likely that they say: «let’s wait until we know more…»?

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