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Tags: , is just about my favourite site to watch television on. They have a post each day with the banners of shows that aired the night before. You can easily pick through the most interesting shows at your leisure. The quality was high as well, because this wasn’t typical streamed videos like many sites, but hosted there using Divx to feed shows to people. It had come to be the most reliable online television source I’d ever used.

Cheese it! The Feds! Ninjavideo got busted today.

Via Slashdot.

“The federal government and Hollywood teamed up to seize domain names of seven sites that allegedly trafficked in copyrighted movies without due payment. The so-called ‘Operation in Our Sites’ sting targeted,,,,,,,, and The operation was run by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the US attorney for the Southern District of New York, in conjunction with several Hollywood studios. Unlike past anti-piracy efforts, the sites did not actually offer the movies for download, but instead streamed the movies and TV shows against ads. Previously, movie crackdowns had concentrated on sites that distributed movie files, most recently using the BitTorrent protocol.”

I know a few other places to get television shows online, but none are as reliable as NV. I’m a little disappointed because Hulu for instance doesn’t allow viewers from outside the US. Networks up here pick and choose which shows to have online and then blast you with ads and divy up shows into bits and pieces.

I never would have found QI, The IT Crowd, Nevermind The Buzzcocks, and a dozen other shows that don’t air in Canada without Ninja.

This one's for

For the hundreds of people googling this post daily, rumour has it NV may return, the forums will almost certainly be back soon, check out Save NinjaVideo and if you’re utterly at a loss with what to do with your life, google ice films for pale imitation.



  1. I wish Hulu worked up here, just like I wish Netflix does too. One day, I hope.

    • as nice as that would be, I believ hulu just started some kind of pay to watch business model. blech. they broadcast this stuff for free but I can’t watch it on the internet. ridiculous.

  2. always has and always will be better than ninjavideo

    • honestly you’re both pretty similar, however, nv had a better selection of non prime time stuff, a far better and larger community, and i preferred their layout.

      • icefilms has a far better selection of movies and tv shows in every way possible. the only thing i liked about ninja more than ice was ninjas docu collection. other than that ninja is just not as good. and they’re community fails at life

        • another thing i don’t like about ice films, the people

  3. R.I.P. Ninjavideo, that was the only site I ever used to watch shows, now I gotta find a new one :/

    • well you’re not going to find any suggestions here just by fully reading through the blog post! certainly not!

  4. As a current mod at ninja and currently running I would personally like to thank you for your kind words. We as a community are not down and out though. A new forum is in the works so the community will continue on! If anyone is interested in contributing in any way please feel free to message me at also you can follow the updates on twitter @saveninjavideo and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the donate button for the defense fund is right on the blog. We have been working very very hard these past few weeks and could use all the help we can get. Thanks again.


    • thanks for coming by. not sure how this post got so popular but it was a good site and I miss it.

  5. Hope they come back soon

  6. check out surfthechannel it is not as good as nv but good.

    • i actually use surfthechannel sometimes, and tvshack, and watchmovies and watchtv.

  7. NinjaVideo Forum is still open and as amazing as ever! And now, our new store is open!! We have some amazing, fun, and straight up stylish designs in shop, so be sure to check it out! This is one way that you can contribute to the defense fund, and support Ninjavideo’s fight. So promote us in style and snatch up some primo threads.

    To Visit the Store:

    To inquire about custom orders/designs contact us here:

    You could save ninja!

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