Ghosts of Ascalon Excerpt

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Adelbern you so crazy!

For some reason it didn’t even occur to me to look for an excerpt of the book, but here is part of Chapter one of Ghosts of Ascalon over at Simon & Schuster.

I think this just established 4 of the most popular character names in Guild Wars 2 and the most popular pet name.

Wasn’t Dougal the name of a really bad animated movie with Jon Stewart?

It’s still scheduled on the site to release on the 27th, even though there was some notion of it being released during comicon.

The forums already have threads declaring facts about Guild Wars 2 from the book. I don’t need to clarify that there aren’t necessarily going to be asura riding golems in the game now do I?

I also was looking around the internet and noticed Jeff Grubb, Anet employee and co-author of GoA is also going to be writing a Star Wars novel in the next year or two. No information yet but I love me some Star Wars novels.

I also double checked on J. Robert King’s suspected 2nd novel in the Guild Wars 2 universe, but there are no changes there.



  1. I’m all for game books, but I’m probably not going to pick this one up until after at least I get to play GW2…

    Speaking of game books, I’m currently reading a WoW one, called Stormrage. I don’t usually tackle game related novels one after another, but I’m also very interested in the Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance book that’s coming out on the 20th…so I guess I have no choice đŸ˜›

    Hope you had a happy Canada Day!

    • Yeah, I can understand not wanting to read it even if you’re a huge fan of guild wars, let alone relatively new such as yourself.

      I’ll probably be picking up Fatal Alliance the same day I pick up ghosts of ascalon, since it’s only a week later. I have 3 star wars novels to finish before then….

      Jeff Grubb wrote a Warcraft book. The Last Guardian. don’t know anything about it though.

      • Ah, no wonder his name sounded so familiar, I have the Last Guardian ebook. Haven’t read it yet though, but it’s about a significant part of WoW lore so I do plan on getting around to it one day.

        • Well when you do let me know if its any good. I realize you probably won’t get to it before the end of the month, but i’d still be interested.

  2. Out of interest why would you play GW2 before reading the prequel book?

    • I have very little experience with GW and the GW world so far, I guess the reason I’d like to play GW2 first before reading the book is so I can appreciate it more that way.

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