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I wasn’t really expecting them to post this until later, but its up. It also delves into details just like the other interviews and articles I posted yesterday. This however is straight from the horses mouth. That’s right Anet! You’ve got a horse mouth!

I like how with each update on their designs, concepts, systems, they drop new details. We knew there were team based events, free for alls, but I had noticed (or more likely I forgot) them mention the following.

prove yourself against others in tests of skill

I can just see people walking up to one of those poles with the bell at the top and trying to ding it by hammering something at the bottom.

Then they dive into the bar brawl, which you would think we know enough about by now. I’m sure there is at least one person sick of hearing about it. The bar brawl is going to be popular.

Grenth’s Grog goes down easy but comes up rough, allowing the player to belch out a noxious gas cloud. As you might imagine, this burp cloud is unhealthy to anyone foolish enough to get close

That is both awesome and gross, but there is more.

As characters become increasingly more drunk, their chance to land a critical hit rises…as well as their chance to totally miss with attacks.

I love the detail they put into this. I hope all the activities have this much thought put into them.

Bottles have a chance to break on impact, but if that happens, the fun isn’t over yet—you can use your broken bottle to shank people!

I get to shank people. I defy anyone to criticize a game where I shank someone.

And we finally find out more about the shooting gallery we’ve seen in some of the oldest screen shots available. It’s a timed competition against other players.

you’ll have different abilities like firing a spread shot or an attack that can pierce through multiple targets in a row.

People are going to eat this stuff up.

One thing Guild Wars has always done well is cater to the casual. One thing that casual people love with a passion is silly content like festivals and mini-games. If they’ve got about 30 of these, which they mentioned in an interview, then I see no problems on this front as long as they put as much detail into them as they do the bar brawl.

This is an odd piece of artwork. Marionettes almost. Possibly to do with the Polo we heard about? Or costumes in a parade it seems like? They're on mounts too. Mounts!


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