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I love Star Wars. Its one of the best fantasy settings ever created. In mid 2008 when Star Wars: The Force Unleashed began hyping for release I was bitterly disappointed to discover there was no PC version. All the best Star Wars games were always on console but rarely on PC. The reviews weren’t entirely fantastic, which stemmed my burning desire to play.

I gave up hope on a PC version pretty quickly.

I guess I give up too easily, because I didn’t notice when it released for PC last Fall, more than a year later.

I didn’t even notice until I saw it on sale at Steam for 8 bucks. 75% off.

I don’t believe in god or the devil, but if they existed, the devil would give games away for free to get you hooked and then shower you with “sales” to sell you game after game. I can’t really afford to throw money at games all the time and every time I look at Steam there’s another game I want to buy on sale.

After the devil is done selling you those games, get ready for that interminable wait while you download them. That long agonizing wait, while your feet dangle over burning tar and your lungs choke on sulfur for an eternity.



  1. So…I couldn’t tell from your post. Did you give in to the devil and buy TFU or not? 😛 I think I saw it too, under the sales of the day right? Sith edition too, with the extra stuff…I would have gotten it if I didn’t have the Xbox version already.

    The other thing that caught my eye was the Star Wars pack, but I passed on that knowing I’d only be getting it for nostalgia and not out of any real desire to play Dark Forces and whatnot.

    • yeah I did. I’ve never been the type to resist temptation.

      Honestly the star wars pack frightens me. that would be like my whole life going out the window if I bought it.

  2. You would rather goto the devils house (i.e a real shop) and pay 4 times more for it? Here in Ozzy land we have to pay 120 for new games. If it werent for steam and their sales i’d never have anything to play.
    This devil is much nicer.
    Sure I have to download it but my ISP lets me download anything from Steam without it counting towards my cap (another brilliant Australian invention).

    • australia is screwed up when it comes to the internet and video games. pitiful. and yeah, i’ll spend twice as much as long as I don’t have to spend days downloading a game.

  3. You will like F.U. I think, what it lacks in depth of character building(action game), it more than makes up for in story and action. The character has some pretty sweet moves and the force powers are just fun.

    • mmmm. you know you don’t have to use mark right. i was kidding….

      • lol, I dont think anyone was buying it anyway.

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