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On the Guild Wars 2 wiki, this image is called Barnacles. Yeah thats as good a name as any.

In one of the blog posts at Arenanets blog, they talked about Personal Storylines. It was a follow up to the main sites article on the subject. Ree Soesbee makes an off hand remark about charr warbands when asked about interacting with NPCs.

Will we be able to develop different kinds of relationships with NPCs, like friendships, rivalries, familial ties, and romances in personal stories?

Yes! You can be friendly to some NPCs, and mean to others; you can have a certain ally join your charr warband, and not another, and this may decide which NPC considers you to be a friend and which becomes a rival.

Obviously krewes, warbands, hunting parties and the human and sylvari counterparts will factor into your Personal Storyline, probably in the beginner areas. Fine and dandy I guess.

I’m a little disappointed though. When I first heard of Guild Wars I figured it would be a game that centered heavily around, crazily enough, warring guilds. What I discovered was a game that completely subverted any notion of titles having meaning. Not that I was disappointed. The storylines are great, if having nothing to do with guilds. Naysayers feel free to point out that guilds war in pvp all the time in the comments.

I had honestly expected way more emphasis on guilds. I was sort of hoping Guild Wars 2 might come through on that.

I suppose I was hoping for something like (call me foolhardy if you must) 5 different types of guilds you could belong to, each unique to one of the races. I won’t bore you with my imaginative and insane idea of how I think guilds should work in Guild Wars 2, suffice it to say that I don’t think an asuran krewe would work anything like a charr warband.

The above quote sort of puts a bullet in the idea that charr characters will get to be in a warband with other players, just NPCs as part of their Personal Story.

I still have hope there will be more intricate guilds in Guild Wars 2, just have to wait on the details.



  1. This is one of my frustrations with Guild Wars as well. I’m hoping they place more emphasis on guilds in GW2. I like that we can belong to multiple guilds, which allows for more variety and inevitably single race guilds and single profession guilds (e.g., Charr warband guild and Warriors Guild). I’m hoping they keep alliances as well.

    I am interested in your opinion about how guilds should be handled in GW2. That’s what blogs are for 🙂

    • You know i was looking for the article/interview where they mention being in multiple guilds but couldn’t find it. remember where you saw that?

  2. Yeah no idea what or how, but it would be nice if there was some kind of benefit or ensentive to being in a guild other than being able to GvG and possibly get a group together for missions or dungeons.

    No idea how they should structure guilds. I know a lot of people hate the fact that there are so many small guilds. Usually it’s elitist pvp’ers that think their guild actually means something in the grand scheme of things and that all these little guilds just muddy the waters. I am sure you have seen in RoM when a new guild is created and it posts it in world chat for everyone to see, I cant tell you how many times I saw world chat light up with “OMFG NOT ANOTHER NUB GUILD WTFBBQ!”. Personaly I just dont like being in big guilds that much.

    Heh I have got a lot of gripes about guilds, I guess the way they are structured in a lot of games has just left a bad taste in my mouth. I’ll spare you all from having to read through my rantings.

    As I am not much in to pvp, I would like to see some pve related benefits for guilds. Maybe some “non-quest” quests or events having to do with the npc’s E.G.
    The guld merchants daughter has been kidnapped by the Skritt and is being held for ransom, the guild can either pay the ransom, or form a group and go try to rescue her. If you pay the ransom, for a short time the merchant will give the guild a discount until the ransom is payed back. If you rescue her and kill the Skritt ringleader maybe the merchant will give the guild a permanent say 1-5% discount. Of course make the rescue a challenge worthy of such a reward.

    Doubt they would ever actually do that, I just think it would be cool.

    • big guilds don’t bother me, but the giant alliance guilds they had with a thousand people? ridiculous, I hope they don’t have that functionality.

      I’m just hoping guilds aren’t as static and uninteresting as gw guilds.

  3. Am I totally certain you are going to see huge things from the guildy stuff here. WOWs next expansion brings things for your guild to work towards; it has a guild skill tree which people in the guild have to work towards by doing things together as a guild. So GW2 would be fool hardy not to have something equal.
    However, I am not so happy to see it. Sure in GW I have a stable guild; but for all you guild jumpers out there; just thing what this means! All that hard work gone, when you leave! Two bladed sword this one.

    • yeah i’ve posted about cataclysms upcoming guild system in the past and actually read that some of those features were the first to go when they started cutting things. I’m not sure where their new guild features stand right now.

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