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Do you think he sees us?

I post a lot of concept art here on my blog. I figure why not, its beautiful, its related, its relevant and what else am I going to post?

When I saw a thread at gw2guru asking about peoples favourite Guild Wars 2 art I chimed in. I’m curious though, what do my fellow bloggers think? To my fellow Guild Wars 2 bloggers I say what is your favourite GW2 concept art? To people who blog about other games I ask, what is your favourite concept art or promotional art from any game?

Guild Wars 2 has a stunning amount of quality pieces so for the thread at guru (and to point out art I thought deserved some notice) I picked something a little more obscure. Its the scale I like, and distance. The very thought of fighting that giant seems incredible. I have many favourites but this one has always stuck out.

Feel free to post links to yours in the comments.



  1. My favorite is

    Daniel dociu is amazing.

    • Yeah i love how that piece is very similar to what we’ve seen of the city in game. very similar.

  2. Hmmm so many great pieces to choose from, Anet really has a fantastic art team.

    Personally I am a big fan of Kekai Kotaki’s stuff both for Anet and other things. He is easily one of my favorite fantasy/concept artists. If you havent before check out his blog.
    I love the GW gods/avatar pieces he did.

    As for the specific GW2 piece I like the most I think Kekais, Zhaitan piece is really cool. I like the minimal color pallette, the sense of scale, and I like dragons and just think it looks freakin cool.

    There is a wallpaper version at Guru2’s gallery but it has had the lighting edited, still looks good though.

    I am a bit of a fantasy art buff, I bought the Nightfall CE just to get the art book that came with it plan to order the GW2 art book as soon as I can afford to. I collect the Spectrum books have issues 6-16 (didnt discover them till issues 6, need to back order the first 5), and have a bunch of other books by individual artists. is a regular haunt for me online. I think my love of fantasy art goes back to my childhood and Dungeons&Dragons, my brother and cousin were big into it, I myself was young and didnt really grasp the game and I have never been able to get into RP’ing, but I used to sit there and flip through the Monster Manual all the time and just fell in love with the art.

    • just so you know, when you post 3 links it reads you as spam.

      and yeah thats a good piece.

      • Ah ok that explains it then.

  3. I think I mentioned to you that I collect game art books whenever I can…my favorite concept art is still stuff from World of Warcraft, from the first game. I have the books for BC and WotLK as well, but they’re not as good.

    • i never really see WoW concept art floating around much. I’m not sure why that is. I’ve always thought their art was very specific to their game and therefore stood out. not sure why i dont’ see it more.

  4. I can’t chooooooose!

    I’d say it’s a toss-up between and

    • There is some fantastic work in the GDC gallery, I really hope a lot of it makes it into the game.

      Does anyone know who this artist is?

      I am really liking his or her style a lot.

    • whaaa theres no charr in that second piece!

  5. Well, I’d say it’s between and

    I love them both. the first one because it just shows the environment so well and it looks so good. And I love the second one because it’s asura and I love their technology.

    • hmmmmm, i wonder which piece i’d choose. hmmmmm

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