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Snipers as the new ranger

As far back as my Classes of Guild Wars 2 post in January, I had confirmed in my own mind that Rangers were going to be in Guild Wars 2. Much of that article has been rendered slightly moot but some of what I had to say still rings true.

Out of all potential professions the ones we’ve seen the most evidence of have been the warrior, elementalist, and ranger. Whether it be specific mentions, armour, concept art, weapons or whatever else. Seeing as how the elementalist and warrior have been officially announced, in my opinion that means the ranger is next.

What evidence am I talking about?

Starting with the Races trailer, where Eir walks beside her pet and carries a bow, the evidence is plentiful. Even while the other characters like Zojja and Caithe aren’t immediately obvious.

There have been various examples of ranger like armour, both in trailers, videos, and concept art. Armour isn’t tied to profession but can you imagine ranger armour without rangers?

We have a list of all the weapons that will be in GW2. While some weapons point to specific classes, others do not. The longbow, shortbow, rifle and pistol (while I know other professions will be able to use them) all generally point very openly to a ranger.

Even if all of that didn’t make it blatantly clear that a ranger exists, there are the occasional direct references to the profession. Take for instance this quote from an interview at MMORPG.com.

For example, in the past Rangers had to wear armor that tended to have a long coat and mask. They can still choose to wear an outfit that looks like that, but they now also have a much greater diversity of appearances to choose from.

I’m not saying this proves the ranger class exists (of course it does) but that the ranger class more obviously exists and therefore is a more likely candidate to be revealed. As marketing goes its very much common sense. Save your surprises for when you need them, save the information that will make a big splash for when you need people to actually buy the game.

Thats why I expect the new class to be last, and the order of release to go something like this. Elementalist, warrior, ranger. Then it gets a little confusing but I’m guessing either mesmer or assassin. The new necromancer, then the new monk, and then the new profession.

The new profession itself? I have no idea, but for the purposes of throwing something up against a wall and hoping it will stick, I’ll say engineer. I refuse to be held to that prediction though and also claim the right to say I told you so if it does happen.

Of course all this could go to hell. Maybe they’ll go against the grain, or more than likely maybe they know something about marketing that I don’t. Which is, you know, everything.



  1. If they make “Snipers” as a FPS-based-game-style Profession, I just might laugh until I soil myself. And then play one, but only if I get to recreate (as much as possible) my Sniper (Gunner/Sneaker/Hacker) from Fallout 3. And yes, I will carry both a sniper rifle and an energy weapon. And abuse VATS constantly. And loot everything until I can barely crawl.

    • as long as every single environment isn’t gray i’m fine with that.

  2. While it’s not 100% certain, it’s looking extremely, extremely likely 🙂

    Just as warriors are masters of melee, so are rangers the masters of ranged weapons.

    I wonder what weapons besides bows and guns it will use. Daggers seem to suit the theme, but there’s already two classes dual-wielding them – assassins and elementalists. For that reason I expect warhorns and/or torches as offhands, with dagger restricted to mainhand.

    My latest post brings some numbers along to the weapon speculation party: http://conjurephantasm.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/calculating-skills-from-weapons/

    • I’m fairly certain they’ll probably be able to use swords just as the warrior can use a bow, but probably with the same limitations. i will check out your post soon.

  3. Oh and: what do you think the unique mechanic may be?

    I think pets, but more like familiars from other games. The pet tags along, and when you use a special skill, you inhabit that pet, and get new skills. To keep things within reason, with some flexibility, pets come in different types – a bit like the blunt, piercing, slashing we have now.

    I believe this is the profession counterpart to the racial golem/druid/construct/avatar/form skills… like how racial skills have condition removal, but not as good as a profession specializing in it.

    The bonus from ArenaNet’s end is that this one mechanic can be used for many, many things – like wurms and siege devourers.

    • i’ve been thinking this over for a while now but all I can come up with is what they aren’t going to do. Except maybe I think theres going to be a lot more emphasis on pets but what exactly they’ll do is hard to say.

  4. Not 100% convinced about what professions will be revealed in what order, or even if there is a pattern they are following. I do agree with your line of reasoning that they are going to release all the originals first and build anticipation for the new professions or singular new profession.

    I cant imagine them not adding the Ranger. The Ranger has never been my forte, just never had much fun playing it, I find the play style of the ranger a bit boring. Thus I dont really care too much about them. But you are absolutely right the evidence pointing to them is very strong, and I know that they are a popular profession. Not saying I wont play one, I most certainly will be trying out every profession. And who knows maybe the changes they make will change my opinion of the class.

    What is this engineer concept you speak of? Is it like an alchemist/balistics expert? Mixing up molitave cocktails, land mines(traps), and grenades, and dropping powder kegs(environmental weapons) for allies to use?
    Fire bombs(burn), pioson gass bombs(degen), chocking gas bombs(interupt), flash bombs(blind),shrapnel/nail bombs(spike and bleeding), concusion bombs(daze), heal bombs, this list could go on and on.
    I could see something like this, they already have the lore (Charr, Asuran, and Dwarven engineering) and game mechanics for a lot of it. Dwarven black powder, Alchars concauction, unstable ooze, the rangers chocking gas, what ever the hell rangers already use to make their traps etc.
    Just so long as they dont make crafting or gathering materials part of it. Imerssion be damned if there is tedium involved. And playing a class that requires an inventory full of random crap, no thanks.
    I can see it now “JEHAD AYEYEYEYEYEYE! BOOOOM”.

    Anyway yeah Ranger ummmmm….

    • Heh probably shouldn’t have spell checked Jehad, balistics, and molitave online. Dont be surprised if I disappear cause Homeland Security came a knockin.

    • I think if there are engineers it would be based around the technological advances of tyria during the past 250 years. I think there would be a mix of magic as well, and it would fill the adventure class slot. But yeah, maybe some bombs, not sure i would have the emphasis you put on them. they’d probably wield rifles or pistols, and possibly make a lot of use out of environmental weapons? anet has said that one profession is practically based around environmental weapons.

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