Riverside Assassination

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Ranger Danger

It is a period of civil war. Rebel fighters, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victories against the evil White Mantle. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal the secret plans of the Mantle ultimate weapon, the Mursaat, an evil spell casting race with enough power to destroy an entire nation. Pursued by the Mantle’s sinister agents, Princess Salma races home aboard her starship, I mean, galleon? Custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy….I mean, Kryta.

Spoiler heavy post.

The War in Kryta continues as it has slowly rolled out various updates. When Salma left the Blade camp, she returned to Lion’s Arch and daily Wanted! quests became available. Later more storyline related Wanted! quests arose to progress through to more content. These included killing Bauer, an interrogation expert who’s willing to do anything damn it! Inquisitor Lashona who attempts to raze the Ascalonian settlement to the ground, and Inquisitor Lovisa who’s highest praise comes from the parents of the children she has kidnapped and brainwashed.

When you’re done with these you receive a quest for a new mini mission, Riverside Assassination. A mini mission that takes you back to our old stomping grounds of Riverside Province.

Riverside Province was actually kind of a strange mission as far as Guild Wars goes. It is both one of the shortest missions and one of the longest. If you don’t want the bonus, you can avoid fighting virtually every group. There are paths you can take, and ways to avoid aggro. I believe you have to fight 8-10 groups at most, which is nothing for a mission. It was one of my favourite missions because of this, and its about as close as you get to stealth in Guild Wars. If you want the bonus though, there are 12 guard towers, with usually about 3 groups of Mantle each at least.

For the mini-mission things are different. You start the mission at the opposite side, where Riverside Province ends. You fight through some White Mantle of course, and there is no particular difficulty other than the need to be careful with aggro, and the ether seal you run into.

Fortunately unlike missions you do resurrect.

I did this with Meal and while we were outside the seal we aggro’d a group behind us just as we aggro’d a group inside. Things did not go well. Otherwise we employed creative pulling strategies and fought everything outside the reach of the Ether Seal.

It didn’t take very long and it was strange seeing Riverside Province from a different perspective. I would have hoped for slightly more intricate gameplay but we can’t have everything right?

Those royal gifts are kind of a kick in the face though. I was all eager to open them and got a Scroll of Hunter’s Insight, a Superior Identification Kit, a Medal of Honor, Krytan Lokum, and a Powerstone. Give me the mini!

My only other quibble would be the hoops you have to jump through to do this stuff. I’m not sure I want to do any of this on my other characters, check out this flow chart. Complicated enough?

Next time: A little help from above.



  1. Getting WiK-qualified isn’t so bad, but A Little Help From Above was a PAAAAAIN. I mean, seriously, those 10 groups absolutely MURDERED me quite a few times, before an epic tank got me through it. Riverside Sin isn’t that bad, with enough AOE damage.

    • really? if you’re not interested in dialogues its kind of painful

  2. They almost needed a grouping to get done, but I started taking a spirit spammer and actually set them up before pulling. What interests me is just how many people are doing these quests? Most people in my guild just don’t know about it. At best they think its just a new daily.
    I am enjoying it however, and its keeping me playing; not long now till the first book…

    • Yeah I agree, about half the people I know don’t follow wik at all.

  3. That first paragraph had me laughing 😀 And thanks for the spoiler alert! I’ll tiptoe through the rest of the article a little later. I’m still trying to complete those bounties myself. (finally made it into the keep!)

    • you’re catching up! just beware of when palpatine uses lightning on salma.

  4. I took a very long look at that flowchart, and decided that ArenaNet don’t want me to do WiK. FFS, it’s a jungle of dialogue, I just… Can’t… Express how much I hate convoluted quest chains. The reward sucks too.

    • the reward is great, storyline, daily bounties, story quests, and mini missions. its just a little convoluted.

    • Stop thinking like a wower, ‘rewards’ pft. Yeah wows boring and repeatative so the loot has to be worth it; but here we are talking fun game play and story.

      • As a person who skips every cutscene and never reads dialogue or quest log unless absolutely necessary, who doesn’t care about rare items or gold, or titles… is it a rewarding experience?

        Oh nevermind, I just remembered why I don’t like PvE in the first place.

        • lol, didn’t know you preferred pvp.

          i’m just not a competitive person personally

        • You must be a rather bored GW player. I don’t think they’ve really changed PVP in GW since the last release unless you include shutting down the solo pvp as a change – or limiting your skills.

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