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Flaming Fists, Angry Soul

TenTonHammer has a very small amount of new information on Warriors and Traits in Guild wars 2, so lets dive in shall we? They interviewed Eric (S!) Flannum but it was a pretty article.

– You can unlock all traits for your profession
– Primary tribute of Guild Wars essentially replaced by profession mechanic
– Each profession has a unique profession mechanic
– Trait lines are the main way people will differentiate themselves from others in gameplay
– Respeccing attributes will be easy to do as in GW1
– Players are given attributes each time they level
– Skill chains will be dominant in melee professions but available to others

Some of that is neither new or surprising. I knew I’d be able to unlock all traits on for my profession because in Guild Wars I’ve unlocked every Elite Skill in the game for my elementalist. They’re not going to lock us out of traits, they’re into not blocking that kind of content.

As for unique profession mechanics, it was pretty clear after the elementalist and warrior that each profession would have one. I’m not going to say I knew for sure but I suspected. I’ve been trying to think of the rangers unique mechanic but I can’t seem to think of anything really. More on that in my upcoming Ranger post.

I made the mistake on reading the GW2Guru thread about this article, while you can always find some amount of insight there, the vast majority of people go off on weird tangents and draw strange conclusions. Skill chains mean there’s not going to be an assassin profession! Did you guys know that? I didn’t. I also don’t think they’ve caught on to my brilliant deductive reasoning about the new monk being the 2nd soldier class profession. I cried.

I like that attributes are distributed via level, and that attributes will be more traditional and each class will have available the same attributes, I just wish MMOs would figure out a way to go back to other more traditional stuff too. Like chaotic good or lawful evil. Whatever happened to real alignment?



  1. Heh yeah cause then the assassins wouldn’t have a unique mechanic since warriors have skill chains. Errrr how bout shadow stepping? Stealth? Though honestly I dont really want stealth just doesnt sound GW to me.

    Yeah I dont want to speculate too much rightnow about the unique profession mechanics, as fun as it is to throw around ideas with you guys. I have my ideas dont get me wrong, but I will wait till we know another profession or two and can narrow down the ideas of what the others might be. Ok ok I probably wont but I got nothing rightnow.

    The thought of not being able to obtain all the different traits, and re-spec on a whim didnt even cross my mind to be honest. I cant fathom Anet doing something like that, to me that is a pay to play or cash shop gimmic to get people to buy respec potions etc. I remember when Guildwars had the refund point system in place, it was horrible and they saw it and changed it.

    Cant wait to find out more about the attributes, I really want to see what they are doing there, how they will affect our characters and all.

    • they say right in the article other professions have chains, people just get in this one track mind and ignore evidence.

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