The Norn Form

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Nox posted about the skill animation he noticed in the Races Trailer, which reminded me of something I’d noticed but had never really been able to resolve. I’ve mentioned it in passing in a couple posts but I thought I’d go into it in its own post.

In the Races trailer as the norn run up the hill and into the centaur camp. You can get a pretty clear shot of a couple norn to the right in the camp (with static field going off around them) and a human fighting a couple centaur to the left of those norn. There aren’t any other allies visible in the area.

From the Races trailer

Even though we lose sight of both norn, one remains in virtually the same spot, while the other, who had headed towards the human before the camera switches around, disappears. In his place a wolf or perhaps snow leopard is running around. Although perhaps the norn could have continued to run off camera, this could very well be a norn form.

Could be a summoned pet of some kind as well, just speculation

The relevent video starts at about 2:05 in the youtube video.



  1. I can’t find the wolf 😦

    • It’s that brown blob on the upper-right corner in the screenshot. I say it’s a wolf, as there are red wolves, as well as grey, black, white, but no blues. Sorry, you Avatar nuts.

      • don’t count out people dying their pets blue. avatar nuts don’t lose hope!

    • yeah sorry, I suppose i should have added graphics to point it out, but all I have for that is ms paint.

  2. I saw that big cat, suddenly changing direction. I saw the one in the corner with the axe female, both doing nothing… I don’t think they had animals working properly at that stage… they are screwy all through the video.
    Incredibly awesome detail-spotting. Notice also the female wielding a light-filled one-handed scepter-mace thing.
    There’s a good chance that heavily armored male continued strafe-walking off the screen.
    Awesome spotting though. We fans, we’re a crazy bunch.

    • yeah even in that one cthulu image with all the marmaduke/scooby doo dogs it doesn’t look like they’re doing anything.

      so yeah it could be bad pet AI not a norn form.

  3. If you look at the caster in the first screenshot pretty much directly under the fire facing off with some centaurs. Are my eyes playing tricks or is that spell animation green or is it yellow?
    I watched it in the video too hard to tell what it is, its only there for split second. Could easily just be a hit animation from one of the centaurs. Damn youtube resolution…

    Judging by the direction it is moving and the shape of its body my vote is wolf.

    • i think thats someone wielding a mace to be honest, but trust me, impossible to see what he’s wielding.

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