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I'm pretty sure one image doesn't deserve multiple posts but I am that nerdy

Let me take another crack at this thing. Tigerfeet is the Jean Girard to my Ricky Bobby.

In my last post I speculated and guessed and otherwise completely made wild assumptions about the silhouettes that are slowly being filled in on the Guild Wars 2 professions page. Tigerfeet actually took apart the images and made them much more visible, something that’s not really my specialty. In doing so she rendered me pretty much wrong about a few things. Thanks Tigerfeet. That’s her image in my post.

At least I’m getting the ball rolling?

Okay, I think the image makes some classes a lot more obvious. The charr seem to be the ranger with a bird on his shoulder and a cat to his left. Pets equal ranger, so this is the next spot to be revealed if my guess is correct and they go with rangers. His hand is also visible and not wielding anything. Which could mean his other hand holds a two handed weapon of some sort, like a bow maybe? No evidence to go on though.

The norn woman is pretty clearly a mesmer, thanks to the new visibility of that sword. Illusionary weaponry, or an environmental weapon (both?) either way, the dress and sort of ethereal mist above her sell me on mesmer.

I would have to agree with matt that the figure furthest to the right is the new soldier monk I spoke of in this post. That does look like a shield, even if his weapon looks more like a staff to me. I’m not sure what the hood like head means.

The crouching sylvari. Although the pose does remind me of many ranger or assassin concept art pieces from many games, I say again I don’t think its either. I think its the new necromancer. I’ve got a theory about a new necromancer class, I’ll have to devote a post to it. Here, it looks as though he’s holding a focus in front of him and at the same time, an ethereal wisp of energy leaking from the bottom of the focus. I’d also point out whatever is behind the figure is vaguely creepy. Summoned creature? Undead critter?

The standing sylvari in my opinion is the assassin. As you’ll note it is wearing some form of cloak, and in the piece of profession concept art I posted in my Monks of Guild Wars 2 post the assassin is wearing a slightly similar cloak. I’d also note again the blade like detail at the right of the image (left hand) and a new smudge that makes me think its wielding a sword in its right hand.

Finally the asura must be a new class. An adventure class, that perhaps wields a shield (and therefore could be the monk) and is otherwise unintelligible.

Here’s hoping I don’t have a Silhouettes: Revolutions post in me.



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  2. I think your speculations about the new necro could be right. Because if you remember this artwork – , it looks to me like a sylvari with a big “wood golem”. However, we can’t be sure if it depicts a class, but in the first trailer the picture was shown in a sequence with other professions and i think there will be definitly a summoner class. We will see if it’s the one from the picture.

    • ahh cool yes, I had been thinking about that image and how it factors in to summoning, but every time I go to make a post about the possibility that the new necromancer is more of a summoner, theres just so little evidence to make a post about it.

      • So are you thinking that this summoner will have different summons for each race? I am not against the idea of a necromancer or summoner in general. I think for balance sake if they did make each race have different summons it would have to be a visual differences only.

        That piece of art makes me think more “druid” than necromancer which I hope isnt the case. Again not against the idea of a nature magic class but I haven’t seen one in any game that I thought was pulled off well. Yay I can summon tree people and tangle people up in roots and shapeshift! Thats about all I can think of when I think video game druids. However I give Anet a lot of credit in their creative capacity, and I am sure if they did decide to make a druid it would probably have some pretty cool and unique abilities.

        “or summon a flock of vicious birds of prey to swarm your enemies.”

        “and summon flocks of vicious birds of prey (a particular favorite skill of many people after they see it in action).”

        Those quotes both refering to the same skill, and that concept art piece kind of push me towards thinking druid or nature mage of some sort. Admittedly They could be refering to a ranger skill I dont really know, just speculating.

        Personaly I would like to see the return of the necromancer as I felt it was one of the more unique Guildwars professions. Not so much in concept but in execution. Thinking about what we know so far I am not sure we will though.

        Lets look at what we know.

        8 professions: 2 soldier, 3 adventurer, 3 scholar.

        Warrior (confirmed). Already exists.

        Knight (speculated). New profession

        Assassin (speculated). Already exists. Strong supporting evidence: existence of daggers, concept art, distinctive skill animations in the Races of Tyria video.

        Ranger (speculated). Already exists. Strong supporting evidence: existence of ranged weapons, concept art, pet dogs in a screenshot.

        ???? (speculated). New profession. No evidence of its identity.

        Elementalist (confirmed). Already exists.

        Mesmer (speculated). Already exists. Strong supporting evidence: concept art, screenshots containing characters wearing clothing that distinctly resembles Mesmer attire.

        ???? (speculated). No evidence of its identity.

        Looking at the pattern, I see that each archetype containts one or more already existing professions (speculation regarding the adventurers). Each archetype also appears to contain a new profession. So this leaves me speculating on the third scholar and adventurer, if we exclude the professions that most people seem to agree on: Assassin, Ranger, and Mesmer.
        Now going off the pattern that I see of each archetype containing a new profession, I feel we may not see a return of the Necromancer (sad). Otherwise scholars would be excluded from having a new profession.
        Now I know they haven’t said there will be a new profession for each archetype and perhaps it wouldn’t make much sense lore wise to remove so many of the originals. I just feel it fits better with the pattern that I see. And so I find myself leaning more towards it being a nature mage (druid) or non death oriented summoner of some sort, or something completely different and unexpected.

        Of course this is just what I see and I could be totally wrong.

        • theres at least one piece of artwork, in the gw2 artbook with a blurb about it being a sylvari necromancer. by no means proof of a necro but assuredly points in that direction.

          • Yeah I havent seen that artwork, I need to order a copy of the book. I do want to see the necromancer return as it is one of my favorite GW professions.
            Whatever they choose, I just hope they offer an explanation in the lore that clarifies why and how the new professions came to be and old ones have disappeared. Something more than,
            oh we thought this one was cooler, or this one was too hard to balance, or this one just didnt fit with the theme. What ever your reasons Anet put some story to it.

            • it can’t just be that 250 years have gone by and things change? are you under the impression there were computer programmers 250 years ago? i’m reasonably sure its a profession that has popped up recently out of nowhere. a US army ranger of today is probably a lot different than a ranger of even 150 years ago. thats all i’m saying.

  3. Wow, good job, you all. I don’t know enough about GW classes to contribute anything, but holy crap the amount of work put into speculations in the last couple of posts I’ve seen is astounding and deserves to be applauded.

    • in all honesty its shameful that i’ve put this much thought into something that could easily be completely wrong.

      • Nonsense! Where’s the fun in being a game nerd if you can’t do that? 😀

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