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I listened to the premiere episode of the Relics of Orr podcast and at one point they were checking out the silhouette image from the main professions page. Originally the image was released with each silhouette being featureless, and with the elementalists reveal, that place in the image being filled in.

Since I believe Ryan was planning on speculating on his blog as well, keep an eye out for that. Sorry if I beat you to the punch, but I’ve been thinking about this since the image came out too.

This exercise is probably pretty pointless, as I don’t have a whole lot of speculation to add about it, but there is a couple things I’d like to note. Prepare for Epic Rambling! Epic Rambling engage!

Dude that warrior is going to chop off the head of that elementalist

I had guessed that the warrior would be the next profession revealed specifically from this picture, and from the casual use of warriors in examples of course. I guess I’m wondering what else can we discern?

Firstly the races. The warrior, if we’re going by size, is Norn, and the elementalist must of course then be human. The female figure to the right of the warrior, must also be norn as she is a similar height. I would then guess that the figure to the right of her must be human, and for symmetry, a male. Staying to the right side, at the warriors knee, what could it be but an asuran? On the far left is quite obviously a charr. This leaves two figures. They’re both probably sylvari. One appears to be kneeling and much larger than the asura on the other side. The standing sylvari appears to be appropriate height of a sylvari judging by tigerfeets height graphic.

Tigerfeets Height Chart

Its very difficult to draw conclusions from black smokey silhouettes so obviously throw your own opinions into the comments.

As for professions, things get even murkier. One thing I think we should keep in mind is they probably want to make it obvious just by looking which profession is which.

I can make out that the norn female has her hands on her hips. She doesn’t appear to be holding anything. I get the impression she’s wearing a light breast plate. Again its impossible to draw conclusions. No I wasn’t staring at her boobs. My guess though, is ranger. Possibly has hands on holsters?

The human to the far right is clearly holding a staff. You can even tell where they’re going to illustrate in some magical fire/crystal globe coming out of it. He doesn’t really look like a mesmer to me, but there are 3 scholarly professions and his wielding of a staff is a big indicator.

The asuran on the right is impossible to draw any conclusions about but, as I have done the math, (they’ve said there are 2 soldier, 3 scholar, and 3 adventure professions) it appears this diminutive figure will be an adventurer of some sort, a new class I’m guessing.

The charr is a giant. I’m thinking a soldier class, probably the new cleric style monk. He’s got enough bulk to be hiding a shield, I think they’d want to show off the shield wielding aspect of the new monk to illustrate his more soldier style tactics. Make it clear the monk isn’t really squishy any more.

The kneeling sylvari appears to me to be the new necromancer. At first I agreed with the Relics of Orr podcast that a kneeling figure, especially one seemingly as aloof as the one in this image usually portrays a ranger or assassin. In fact I had to erase a whole paragraph debating which one it was. I just noticed though, it seems to be holding something, a goblet funnel looking thing. A focus? Kind of reminds me of Bison’s Cup. Is something coming out of the bottom? New necromancer maybe? He’s close to the ground, drawing power from it? Total guesswork.

The last figure to me looks like the assassin. If you’ll notice at the elementalists hip, there is almost a defined blade visible. Perhaps being held in a reverse grip. Obviously it could be anything, but to me this is the blade of an assassin.

What do I think the next profession reveal will be? The ranger, which to me, means the female norn is next. They’re holding off on the more interesting and radical class changes not to mention the more interesting races until closer to game launch.



  1. The little Asuran on the right looks like he’s holding a shield, book, or some other thing with wide, defined edges. The kneeling dude on the left is maybe a Sylvari Ranger, holding a crossbow and arrow fletching over his shoulder. Dunno about the rest of them.

    • you’re right about the asuran, i suppose that could be a shield.

      I also forgot to point out whatever is on the charrs shoulder. could almost be a birds wing span.

      There are no crossbows in guild wars 2 so I doubt its a crossbow, something else though maybe.

  2. I think the one in the forground on the left is the assassin/rogue. Looking at the other profession concept art it appears to have the same hair style. I think it is a Sylvari it looks like it has some plants around it. Its body position looks like it is crouching faceing to the left with its left (forground) arm resting on its knee.

    I think the one in the midground left side is the ranger, comparing to the same concept art it looks like it is holding a bow in a similar manner.

    The one on the far right looks to me to be the other soldier profession, I speculate a Paladin type class that uses enchants or auras to buff, heal, and smite kinda Dervish/Paragon/Smite Monk with heavy armor if you will. But thats just my opinion. Again useingthe same concept art it looks like it is holding a shield in its right hand and has a mace in its left hand resting on its shoulders. Also it looks to be wearing a helm that has what looks like wing like tips.

    The Norn female looks to me like it may be the Mesmer or other undisclosed caster (Necromancer?). It doesnt appear to be holding any weapons and the hand on the hip for some reason makes me think Mesmer.

    The little shapeless blob in the forground on the right I think we all agree is an Asuran and looking at it closely perhaps it is the Mesmer instead of the Norn. It doesnt look like a shield that it is holding to me, it looks more like a fan.

    I guess that just leaves the Charr hmmm bazooka? Though I can see how it looks like a bird too does have a distinctive v shape to it.

    I read threads at a lot and this reminds of a technique that I read about. A lot of concept artists use a technique that is rather similar to a Rorschach test. Rather than starting a piece with a distinct image in mind they simply throw down a bunch of heavy brush stroke scribbles and then start to pull shapes from them and refine them. To me it looks like that is what this picture is, all the silhouettes are various stages of that process, some look a little more refined and distinctive while others like the Asura and Charr look very primordial. When they do reveal the professions they are simply overlaying the finished piece over the original scribble.
    I find it interesting all the different things people see and it just goes to show how affective that technique is.

    • I see what you mean about the Norn female possibly being the ranger with her hands on her guns. And collar kind of reminds me of this screenshot.

    • I have laugh a little bit at your post Matt (though to be clear, not at you). Ever since I first saw the shadowy images/silhouettes on the GW2 profession page I have thought: “Rorschach.” Now, to most people that’s as far as they go with it.

      I, however, have clinical training in administering, scoring, and interpreting the Rorschach Inkblot Test. Reading the forums on the subject over at has been a hoot. 🙂

      • This cloud outside totally looks like a dinosaur!

        • LOL!

  3. […] Some Light I just checked out Hunter’s newest post about speculating on the silhouettes. This isn’t going to be a post about my own speculations […]

  4. I made a new post just for you 🙂

  5. My speculations:

    Images are as follows (using Tigerfeet’s number system), far left (1), warrior (2), right of warrior (3), far right (4), front row left (5), middle row left of warrior (6), front row right (7).

    1) Charr soldier (monk/derv/para/cleric amalgamation)
    2) Norn warrior (I called it!)
    3) Norn mesmer
    4) Human/Sylvari necromancer (or perhaps a summoner, scholar profession for sure)
    5) Sylvari ranger, crouched
    6) Human/Sylvari assassin
    7) Asura adventurer (difficult to tell the profession, swashbuckler/gunner is only remaining profession of my speculation, but that could also fit for image 3)

    I’ve been speculating heavily on GW2Guru forums. I have a feeling there is going to be some kind of swashbuckling/gunner profession. I want this to be the new mesmer, but I can’t be so sure.

    • Think your right about #3 Being a Mesmer or at least a scholar, check out Tigerfeet’s post.

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