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Clearly a charr ice zombie

The Arenanet blog just put up their follow up Q and A to the warrior and trait reveal of last week. Its actually a longer follow up than we’ve seen before, with some interesting answers to various questions.

The gaps in Guild Wars 2 information just keep getting filled in. You know a month from now when they release the ranger (or ranger equivalent) profession on their main site, this will all feel like old hat. Well, maybe it will begin to feel that way. Maybe we’ll be talking about how aim is important (or unimportant) and how preparations are a special skill type. You know what I’m rambling, I’ll post a whole other post about this soon. Lets get to the factoids!

Immediately they clarify that yes, the mobs being killed in videos are low level and the character player is high level.

Taunting is the same as in Guild Wars, as in, there is none. Tanks? Same thing.

No collision. Not sure how I feel about that. I do appreciate the idea of it and would some day like to play a game that has it.

Skills that do damage from the side or behind.

Bleed conditions stack and there is no deep wound in Guild Wars 2. Whaaa?

You can interrupt skill chains, but really that’s just common sense.

No traits that have pre-requisite traits to gain them. I was thinking about this actually.

Attributes partially replaced by traits, but I think I’ve already mentioned that. Attributes more like traditional RPGs, not sure if that’s been mention on this blog yet.

You can equip major and minor traits. Two types of traits, is that new information or did I miss it earlier? Even more combinations.

Here is where I get annoyed. No templates for builds, and they want you to experiment, but not that much. What? What was Guild Wars even about if not that? Seriously? Don’t experiment? I’m going to avoid the forums for a couple days I guess.

Not blood. Skill effect. Sorry all you blood thirsty psychopaths.

You can still ping those enemies for your group to go after.

I love how they are asked a straight forward question, take the time out to answer it, and don’t tell us anything. How many traits can you have equipped? A lot. Sort of.

That’s the information that I found relevant, interesting, and generally new or not obvious. I tend to leave out anything that you can use your brain to figure out. Any thoughts on this whole “We don’t want you switching builds a lot” thing? It doesn’t change anything for me other than I kind of wish they did.



  1. Yes, they are taking a very wow approach to the skills; this a huge concern (here let me bring the forums to you!). This means min/max is back and back in a hard way. Panic stations everyone! They want to increase the cost of changing your skills cause there is an optimium way of using the skills and they don’t want everyone just loading up that one set; sigh. That means even if they don’t give me easy means of changing my skills I am going to have to wait while everyone changes em slowly for each different foe cause other people are like that.

    While I am panicing, are you looking forward to having to grind all your traits over and over again for each character?
    Oh panic! Games going to be too violent too much like wow; i already play wow don’t need another one. Oh panic!
    No collision; you can take out my bet on slower movement since they don’t have to do this anymore they don’t have to slow us all down.
    This game gets dumber every time I learn about something. Mental note; just make an ele; high damage then I can own everything. god I hope they don’t make it like aion; they own everything so they make you mana slow to regen god boring.

    • You really shouldn’t panic melski. Its one aspect of a big game.

      As for grinding traits, I’m not the type to make a warrior twice, so if every trait quest is unique, I doubt it will be much of a grind in the traditional sense.

  2. They mentioned in the trait interview that there was major and minor slots “Each trait line has a number of major and minor slots” but that is literally all they said on that. No clarification on the differences between them surprise surprise.

    Bleeding stacks: From a logical point of view it makes sense, the more you get cut the more you bleed.
    I am sure there will be a cap either on the number of stacks or the max amount of degen or both.
    In Allods the Scout (ranger/rogue) class has an arrow enchantment that causes burning it can stack either three or four times capping out at twelve pips of degen. Doesnt sound too powerful by itself but coupled with their ability to deal massive crits (often one shot killing = level mobs), knockdown, and stun all from a distance it made the class pretty OP. It makes me wonder about condition removal though (assuming it exists). Will a skills remove the entire condition or only a certain number of the stacks. Of course with a trait that causes all their sword attacks to add bleeding I guess condition removal is kind of a moot point in that situation.

    Not sure how I feel about the no templates thing either. Though they didnt really say no templates just that any saving and loading tools they provide will have to take into account the traits and weapon swapping system as well. I agree though a big part of Guildwars for me since the beggining has been builds. I recall from a long time ago that Anet mentioned Magic the Gathering as a big inspiration for their skill system. I have always like the deck building aspect of it (even though it has been problematic to balance), I often find myself in the Great Temple of Balthazar experimenting.
    I dont know a big part of me will hate to see a limitation on builds. But another part understands the frustration that Anet has had to deal with over the years with balancing. The whole permanent Shadow Form fiasco comes to mind and all the changes to the Underworld and AoE scatter.
    These nerfs and changes to game mechanics came about because of massive farming and botting practices using unintended (albeit creative) builds. I dont like to place blame on this issue, I dont think it is the fault of players for coming up with the builds that allowed them to farm easily for the things they wanted capitalism is human nature. It is clear that these builds came about because of oversights on Anets end, its kind of harsh to say but it is their own fault for not understanding or considering at the time that people are going to find ways to play the system and bend the rules.
    Anet has had to make some tough choices about all of this throughout the games life. In order to combat botting, they have had to for lack of a better word punish the entire community and they have had to deal with considerable backlash from the community for it.

    I think most of the major changes to build potentials:
    removal of secondary professions, fewer more specialized skills, and the need to aquire traits in order to maximize your characters potential, are all the reslut of Anet learing from its past mistakes. I think that these things are a preemtive attempt to reduce the likelyhood of botting in GW2. I for one would rather deal with being limited on what my character can do than have to stand in town adding bots to my ignore list.

    15k ok?

    • I think its pretty clear they’re trying to steer away from making lots of builds.

      on nerfing and whatnot, I don’t care, it was clear early on that they were in to adjusting skills, any player that that got enraged after the first few months was clearly in denial about whether or not their skills were going to change at some point. I accepted this early, and have never had a problem with it.

      • Yeah I agree.
        Dont get me wrong I am not pissed about nerfs.
        I just think that it is part of the reason for such drastic changes. And in all fairness Guildwars was their first title they were bound to make mistakes. I think a lot of the design of Guildwars 2 has come about from them learning from their mistakes.

  3. “- You can equip major and minor traits. Two types of traits, is that new information or did I miss it earlier? Even more combinations.”

    Yeah, you missed it. I had it in my diagram and they mentioned it in the Traits article. It was pretty glossed over though so it was easy to miss.

    • was it in your visual? Well that is a great example of my ability to forget and or glare over information.

  4. I’m a bit disappointed about the build swapping myself, but even moreso about the removal of collision detection. That’s one of the features I felt made GW a superior experience than others. Age of Conan, Warhammer, and Everquest 2 all manage to make use of it, so now I am clinging to the hope that this somehow means GW2 is even *more* massive and persistent than these games.

    • Well i’ve played games without collision detection before, its no big deal honestly. In some cases it can be annoying, in others, a godsend.

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