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I’m not much of an E3 follower. However it is pretty much impossible to avoid and not notice the really interesting news and videos.

I already posted the new Hope trailer, the Unleashed trailer, and the news about customized ships for SWTOR.

A couple other things I’d like to take note of are The Agency trailer. Please forget about that slightly campy CGI teaser from last years E3, and enjoy some actual gameplay.

Is this actually an MMO? I don’t know, certainly doesn’t look like it.

How about that Warhammer 40k Online trailer?

Any comment I make is going to be very obvious to everyone who watched that. Holy World of Warcraft Batman!

Breezing through Massively I happened upon an image that at first looked like Doc Ock. I realized the game they were talking about was the kid orientated Super Hero Squad, but it wasn’t Doc Ock. Then I stumbled across this article linked from article above, and was surprised to learn that in SHSQ, you can play as any super hero you want. Spiderman to Ms Marvel. Spidey Man!

Another thing I noted directly from Massively was their news that the Fallout MMO now has a website. Does it tell us anything? No. Does it have screenshots? No. Is there anything of value? Its video of a first person perspective looking through snapshots of what looks to be concept art.

More CGI eye candy from Assassins Creed.

The DC Universe Online trailer.

I can’t really end this without a hat tip to Darth Hater for the bang up job they’re doing on SWTOR. You will never find a more wretched hive of geek and nerdery. Kudos. They’ve got a particularly good interview with Daniel Erickson.



  1. Yeah, there is like nothing on the fallout online site. While trying to figure out if I can actually get anywhere, I think I inadvertently signed up for the beta…

    • I really don’t have much faith in interplay to actually come through with fallout online. Either it’ll be vaporware, or look like it was made in 2002. I kinda hope bathesda wins the lawsuit.

      • LOL, you’re not the only one.

  2. So true…

    • yeah microsofts focus on that kinnect thing means I honestly didn’t hear much about the 360 at all. nintendo sure brought it though.

      • Nintendo stole the show, imo. I actually have a post in drafts about it…

        • can’t wait to read it 🙂

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