Force Unleashed Trailer

June 15, 2010 at 9:52 pm | Posted in rpg | 6 Comments
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I feel as though I would be doing Star Wars fans a great disservice by showing the Old Republic video in a post, but ignoring the Force Unleashed video. Perhaps not quite as good, but I think its well done and comes close.



  1. I have the special Sith edition of the first game for Xbox 360…I still have yet to open it LOL. I think it was on sale and I nabbed it, thinking I’ll find some time to get to it before the second one comes out.

    • I don’t own a 360. Honestly, star wars games are the only reason i’d buy a 360, and it just doesn’t seem worth it sometimes. so i never got one.

  2. Nice, looking forward to this one I enjoyed the first one a lot. Tossing Wookies amused me to no end. They did a good job on it though I felt it was a little short. Hopefully this one will be even better.

    • you cruel bastard. leave those wookies alone!

      • Its not my fault, Lucas Arts are enablers.
        I mean they didnt HAVE to put the storm troopers right next to the big arc of electricity.

        Hmmm I wonder…



        And then give me bonus points for wreaking havoc and destruction and killing in creative ways.

        Tempting the dark side is.

      • I agree! You monster, how can you abuse wookiees! 😛

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