Temple of Doom

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Throw me the green and I'll throw you the whip!

May needed her Guardian of Cantha title a week or so back. While she has every single set of prestige armour she has certainly let her titles languish uncompleted. I think that’s mostly due to her being both Kurzick and Luxon savior which are both giant grinds.

In my undying avoidance of doing Gates of Madness in Hard Mode, which I think May was about to suggest, I stepped up and offered to do Tahnnakai Temple. It’s one of the hardest missions to complete in Hard Mode with the bonus. Anything is better than GoM.

I hooked up my usual overkill AoE build, a minion master, a monk, and an elementalist with the same build as me. May brought a spirit spam build, a monk, and I’m not sure what else.

The thing that makes Temple so hard is the mob groups are so big, and you have to fight a boss in each one. Not to mention its all timed and you have to hurry. I’ve done Temple more than a few times trying to help people out with the bonus and titles. You get to know that if anything goes wrong you could be in trouble.

Its interesting how much I’ve come to depend on consumables. I used a Grail of Might and Green Rock Candy as soon as I went in.

Immediately we ran into a bit of trouble. In the very first room there are at least 2 monks and 1 ritualist, plenty of healing power. As an AoE elementalist I try to aim for groups though, so if Monks or ritualists aren’t in a group I often overlook their absence. Nothing was dying, so no corpses for the MM and I was out of energy. Not good.

May for all her modesty is a better player than me and quickly started double clicking those enemies to let me know I was being a goof. We wasted a good minute in the first room which could mean all the difference.

The second room was a huge improvement, even if we didn’t do it by the book. You can pull the 3 groups separately, which I began to do on the right. The center group started to take note of the minions though, and May decided to just blitz the necro boss. It ended up being the fastest room clear.

We got rid of the elementalist boss pretty quickly. Maxing out your Asuran title and taking Pain Inverter with you everywhere you go sometimes makes me feel a little over powered. There was more pinging of specific targets from May who I’m beginning to think is unhappy with my inability to take out monks first.

Things began to go a bit badly with the monk boss. You can pull and kill the Temple Guardians without aggroing the other groups, but that’s not how it went. My AoEs weren’t killing them and they kept running away towards other groups, eventually the minions drew in everything and we really had a fight on our hands. It was all the minions fault! I swear! What surprised me here was the spirit spam build. The monk boss had become a huge problem, and although Pain Inverter knocks out elementalist Temple Guardians like Mike Tyson knocks out Robin Givens, it doesn’t do much on monks or whoever they’re healing. Once May had a full spirit barrage going it ended much sooner than I had hoped. It wasn’t super fast but we hadn’t lost any time here. I’m just going to skim over the part where I didn’t target the monks again.

Things got a bit worse with the warrior boss, a couple people died. The number of elementalists and aggro can get a bit hairy with bad pulling. Not that anyone pulled badly, but, things went south at first. Thankfully they liked to group together, so while I finished them off, May resurrected the Heroes and we moved on.

The ranger boss was not a problem and very quickly we moved on to the ritualist boss. Now this room can be pretty difficult. There are a lot of spikes from the elementalists and the boss tends to res and heal his homies. Even the squishy elementalists weren’t going down easily, especially after they spiked two heroes to death. Things just didn’t want to go well. Another hero died and I got out my scroll of resurrection. Yay I’m a hero! Then I died. May ressed me and while we had a tough time taking out the ritualist for some reason (some goof wasn’t targeting the monks maybe, I don’t know who) we ended the fight and moved to the next room.

At this point, its the final room. We’re on schedule, which is surprising. We failed a bunch and breezed through some fights and came out even.

This by no means guarantees a victory, the final room is a pain. There are a lot of patrols and groups around the edges of a circular room with the boss being in the center. You have to take care of the patrols before going to the center or they build up on your backside while you take a pounding from both ends. Please excuse that slightly pornographic sounding sentence.

This room takes a lot of time to do right. You could take out some close by patrols and rush to the center hoping to avoid the others. This tends to not go well because you’re plunging into the midst of a large group with a powerful assassin boss.

Being the scaredy cats we are, we rushed around the edges taking out as many patrols as possible and then finally moved towards the center.

I know what you’re thinking. How much time do you have left? 30 seconds. I have to say that the timer being on your screen the entire mission is not helpful. I don’t know how other people feel about the bonus in the Factions campaign being entirely based on timing, but I’m not a fan. Stop rushing me, is this a casual game or not?

30 seconds being left on the clock actually started to make my heart race a little bit. I guess that’s sort of a good thing, games are great when they do that aren’t they? The stakes of having to do the whole mission over again if I fail are annoying, but the rush of completion when we finished with 6 seconds left?

It was pretty good.



  1. Heh yeah I have never been a big fan of running against the clock either. But I agree I do love the edge of the seat excitement when it gets down to he wire. For some reason I have always liked Tahnnakai Temple though.

    My rule of thumb when going against the Afflicted is to take out their Ritualists and Monks first then their Ele’s and Rangers. As much as I feel it is an over used skill I find a Spiteful Spirit Necro is really good against the Afflicted since they do tend to cluster alot and Their Rits tend to stand in the middle of their spirits. A Domination Mesmer with visions of Regret, Spiritual pain, and Unatural Signet helps a lot agianst those Rits too. I dont know what your Minion Masters run but I find Death Nova, Putrid Bile, and Blood Bond really help. Dwaynas Sorrow is also a good one to use with a Minion Master and of course you can never go wrong with Splinter Weapon in the mix.

    I find the hardest rooms in that Mission are the first one and the Rit boss room. The first one because you dont have many minions up when you engage the enemy. If I recall correctly that room consists of 2 Ritualists I think 2-3 Monks and a Bunch of Rangers. Lots of healing, AoE, and Daze from Broadhead Arrow and the Ritualists ressurect. Dont really have any strategy for it other than focus fire on the rits then the monks then clean up the rest.

    The Rit boss room yeah this one has ended the mission for me a few times. The best strategy I have found is to flag heros at the top of the stairs, pull the group seperate from the group with the boss and take them out first. Then pull the temple guardians over so they dont get involved when you fight the boss and his group. When you fight the boss pull him and his group away from the spirits otherwise as soon as it dies Restoration will ressurect them again.

    The best strategy I have found for the last room of that mission is to take out the patrols on the right side and any that make it over to you while doing that. Then pull the mobs in the middle and bottle neck them on the bridge, get as much effect from your AoE as possible. Bear in mind if you are on the bridge aswell you will be just as vulnerable to their AoE and their monks with Ray of Judgment are nasty. So best to pull them all the way across so you have room to scatter. As soon as you have most of them down, push through and finsh clearing the middle.

    • well i hope thats useful to others matt, i don’t plan on doing that mission again any time soon.

  2. Funny how some peoples hardest missions are other peoples cake walks. I enjoy this one as it’s almost trivially easy; did it just yesterday with 6 minutes left for the hm bonuses. I think all missions should have timers; for the bonuses, you shouldnt be able to just walk it in – I want a pause for real life issues but.
    I find the two team missions the hardest; getting 1/2 decent people on the otherside is dam impossible. We usually try to time it so we get another guild team on the other side but I feel dam sorry and very guilty when the team resigns if we don’t get the timing right… i hate doing that.

    • unwaking waters is one of the easiest missions period, but vizunah never really turns out the way you expect.

  3. I don’t like Tahnnakai much either. The time alloted feels a bit stinted, at least compared to the other Cantha missions.
    I also find the first room rather tough: no minions yet and the mesmer boss constantly screws with your casters.

    But I usually go rits -> monks -> AoE damage dealers since rits are hard ressers and monks only have RoF as a heal.
    The right group in the second room doesn’t have to be killed btw, one can skip them (unless some minions pull them but even then I usually I just run away from them).

    And I also agree with Melski that Vizunah is a real PITA – it would be so much easier with AI on the other side guaranteed. Even in NM. 😀

    But generally speaking I like the Canthan mission reward system best. Doing utterly unrelated / unimportant stuff like in Prophecies or most of the time Elona isn’t according to my taste. Being protector or guardian of cantha at least means you did things efficient/fast/well.

    • for a fantasy game, efficient/fast/well, to me, doesn’t really fit with setting.

      • I was talking about the protector/guardian titles which are supposed to symbolize some sort of accomplishment (I think). In that case efficient/fast/well sounds okay to me. But then all those grind titles never interested me at all.

        • oh i understand what you’re saying, but disagree. more efficiency to me isn’t what the bonus should be based on.

  4. Hoom!

    I would like a third path, a hybrid of Prophecies and Nightfall. XD

    While racing the clock can be fun, and I think the timer should ALWAYS come up and tell you how long you took, at the end.. I don’t think beating the timer should be the bonus.

    I like how Prophecies split the bonus and the mission, so you could achieve them separately.

    And I like how Nightfall’s bonuses are like Prophecies, based on goals other than time.

    Now, what I would really like is the two combined! XD

    … but that’s just a nugget, YMMV!

    • a third path is fine with me. If i’m being more objective I think they should go with a variety of methods though, never one specific type.

      • Troo troo, dat would be even better!

        =/ Now if only I weren’t so deathly afraid that GW2 will break my heart from disappointment, that I’m avoiding reading anything about it at all.

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