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Rise of the White Mantle

I was standing around in Lion’s Arch the other day when Mero from one of my old guilds invited me to his group out of the blue. I joined him and we started chatting about what we were up to.

I was talking with May about the warrior profession videos and organizing with her to go out to Lashona and kick his lily white mantle ass. Mero was making money. Lots of money.

“I’ve made over 100 ecto in the past few days” he said.

“By doing what?”

“By telling people how to get 10 free Zaishen Keys

My mind did a kind of brain fart at this point. He’s made money by telling people how to do something I thought? It can’t be as simple as that.

In more than one game I’ve seen people spamming chat offering to tell you a secret of some kind in exchange for money. More often than not it’s freely available information you can get by reading forums, talking to your friends or guild, begging for information (please don’t) in local chat and generally keeping up to date.

Mero wasn’t spamming at all though. He was actively seeking out specific people, guildless, low-level, terribly armoured, new people. He’d message them directly and make an offer.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. He’s preying on newbies, what a jerk, blah blah blah. As in Trainspotting though “but he’s a mate, you know, so what can you do?” I’m not going to judge how others enjoy playing games, and I’ve always known he’s a bit of a griefer.

Here’s how it works. For years you could bet on the PvP monthly tournaments. You’d go to the Guild Wars website, enter the Xunlai Tournament House, arrange guilds by how you think they’d place. Depending on how accurate your picks were, you’d receive points. You could trade these points for Zaishen keys. Zkeys open a chest in the Battle Isles that drop rare items and each time you do, it adds to the Zaishen title. While the Xunlai House was operating, Zkeys were abundant and they only cost around 5k per key. The XTH got shut down in the middle of one month and they couldn’t even accurately gauge the final round, so Arenanet decided to give every account 10 free Zkeys and shut down the XTH permanently. I would say that a majority of GW players never even knew the XTH existed but those that did kept the Zkey prices relatively steady at 5k per.

Mero would approach people, tell them how to get those keys (go to the Great Temple of Balthazar, approach Tolkano, register *I think*, get the points, exchange for keys) and then Mero would buy the Zkeys from them.

Here’s the evil genius part. Since the Xunlai house ran for so long, people became quite used to the standard price of 5k. Also, most experienced players would already have got their free 10 keys. He’d double his offer to 10k to get anyone vaguely familiar with Zkeys interested. Anyone unfamiliar with Zkeys would be shocked and bless their luck that he’s offering 100k for 10 keys.

Zaishen keys are currently selling for 50k per key. 10 keys are worth 500k. That kind of dastardly scheme deserves a round of applause. I can see Mero sitting in his wheelchair stroking his white fluffy cat.

EDIT: You know what, serves me right for not doing research, I must have the numbers wrong thanks to a typo in chat. Make that 10k for 10 keys, and selling them at 5k. That makes a lot more sense. Thanks Rubi.



  1. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself regarding how pathetic it is to prey on a new members of the gaming community in order gain cash that isn’t even real, and point out that I’m standing in Great Temple of Balthazar right now looking at party search. People are asking to buy keys for 4.5k, and attempting to sell them for 5k.

    • really? thats interesting. I have no doubt he was selling his keys for 50k, but considering what you ssid I have no idea how he gets away with it.

      ok yeah. you’re right. I’m wrong. shouldn’t have been so lazy researching it.

  2. Every account has this? Or just existing accounts at the time and all subsequent new accounts no?

    • I think all accounts, but i’ll have to check.

  3. That is quite mean to newbs. 10k is a lot, but 50k would see them armor up one or two chars and buy a decent item, or a guild hall with NPCs. It’s clever, and he is going out of his way to help them, but I don’t think it’s worth 40k a pop.

    • I’m with you shaun. I’m not particularly thrilled he’s doing it but, but I’ve also seen much worse.

      Is it ok that i misquote and flub numbers every time I try to post any kind of numbers on my blog? Every time I quote numbers. every time.

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