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Various people from the GW2Guru forums and a warrior

It took me around a month to get to analyzing the elementalist videos that were released with the announcement of the profession. I’m sure I didn’t catch everything that the super intelligent moles over at Guild Wars 2 Guru did. However their threads tend to ramble on and there isn’t usually a central place to look all this up without spending an hour of your life reading nerds berate each other.

Which is where I come in I guess. With no further ado, what I can discern from the skill videos on the newly announced warrior’s page.

Sever Artery – Gash – Final Thrust

The video itself starts off at an angle I hate and because it’s HD if I watch it in full screen the sides are cut off. As with all the videos. Fun. Letterbox that will yah? It looks like he either uses a skill other than SA the first couple times, or more likely, SA outright kills the first two guys he uses it on. Another example of low health enemies for demo purposes. He then uses the full chain on the 3rd and 4th victims.

The skills themselves are interesting. In Guild Wars they’re seperate, Sever Artery doesn’t even do any damage other than starting the bleed effect. If your target is bleeding, Gash does damage and causes another condition, Deep Wound. Final Thrust does double damage if target is below 50% health. In the videos it’s hard to figure out exactly the precise effects of each attack but here goes.

SA appears to be a right to left waiste height slash, and seems to cause a blood mist effect that hovers around the bodies. The swing of the sword seems to cause a skill animation that involves blood, which is new for PG-13 GW. It doesn’t seem to be caused by actually hitting the mobs. Even the blood splatter after effect seems to be a part of the specific skill animations because Final Thrust doesn’t seem to have any blood at all. It’s actually well animated. As the first 2 mobs die from what is seemingly SA, I suspect it also does damage now other than just bleed.

Gash continues from the SA slash, coming from the left shoulder down and then to the right. Similar blood animation. There’s not much to suggest it might do a deep wound.

Final Thrust is a bit different. He ducks down and thrusts in for the kill. There’s no blood animation, it actually kind of looks like sparks are flying a bit.

That’s the chain but there are other skills. When he’s rushing in, he yells out “Time to bust some heads”, now that is either an indicator that he’s entering combat, or less likely, a shout or buff of some kind. Hard to say, but there’s no skill animation to speak of.

After the 2nd full chain, the warrior is hit from behind, and uses a closing in skill of some kind to stun the last mob as it’s running away. Kind of funny actually, if the last mob was controlled by a programmer so they could get the video and he decided to run at the last second. It is now immortalized forever. I like the big obvious animation for the stun. The closing in skill reminds me of something out of a comic book, with wind lines and sort of frozen for a moment in time, and then the warrior almost bounces off the target. The one liner is my favourite so far, “Hold that pose”.

The mobs are essentially holding the same weapons we’ve seen before in the elementalist videos. Big scimitars and off-hand daggers. Different designs? I’m not sure. The warriors short sword and oak shield are very reminiscent of something you would find in GW. Very basic stuff you’d find early in prophecies I think.

The armour I’m liking, although stylistically it’s different than most warrior armour in GW. I think most of the armour they’re wearing in this is more realistic. Earth tones, leathers, nothing too decorative or crazy. I’m not sure why it just seems more authentic, even the guys wearing cloth shirts. I’d rather see that than a guy in Prophecies Gladiator armour. It just seems more adventure like? I’m not sure I can quite put into words right now what I’m thinking.

The setting seems to be temperate forest. If we’re only being shown settings from the starting areas, and the human starting area is in Kryta, I have no idea where this is. Some place new, north of Kryta where we’ve never been, or the foothills of the Shiverpeaks I’d guess. There appears to be a visible trail in the background, but other than it appears to be either dawn or dusk, there doesn’t seem to be much else to comment on.

It has always been kind of loud, in my opinion, to play as warrior, and this is no exception. Loud clangs, death screams (I hope they use the wilhelm scream) blood splatter and wrenched flesh are all in there. A lot of it seems to vary as well.

The last thing I’ll comment on in the video is just how the bodies fall to their deaths, often twisting around or folding like a deck chair. The first 3 guys though all die the exact same way pretty much though. Turn around, go down to one knee, head springs back then whole body falls forward. Which is what makes the last death kind of interesting, does the skill make him twist like that or the Havoc engine?

Arcing Shot

There is no arcing shot in Guild Wars, and as far as I can tell, the range in the video far surpasses any range you’ll find there too.

In the video he takes out 3 Skritt with one shot, but there can’t be much of a cool down because he fires his second before it even hits them. A 4th Skritt is hit by his 2nd shot, and then 3 more are taken down with the final shot. Obviously this must be OP for the video.

The skill itself is basically a mortar attack. I’d like to see the users UI to see just how he’s targeting it, is it centered around a target Skritt or a circle on the ground? It doesn’t appear to need much preparation. The flame trail it leaves, and then smoke trail is visually pretty cool. The circles of effect from the elementalist videos return, good to see you can get out of the way. Although it does look like a wide AoE. The explosion as it hits is another good visual, I can see why they’d want to demo the skill. 14 year old boys like big explosions.

Where have I seen that bow before? It’s not a Destroyer Bow. I swear I’ve seen it. I just spent 10 minutes fruitlessly looking for it. Curse you Arenanet! The Skritt weapons appear to be basic newbie daggers and swords.

Check out the armour on our Charr friend. I guess the question is are those racial Charr shoulder spikes or spikes from Ancient or Obsidian armour. Either way it’s a lot better than the puaper burlap shorts the Skritt are running around in.

It’s hard to get a sense of the setting other than burned out wasteland ruin. Which means it could be a non-recovered seared Ascalon or a risen from the ocean floor Orr. The one tree in the final shot does sort of look like a coral plant more than a natural tree but that’s nothing to go on. It’s raining, and overcast, stay tuned for tomorrows forecast!

The sounds are very war like. The only thing missing is the high pitch whine of a mortar incoming. The snarls, growls, and snorts are all good, and I appreciate that a Skritt death scream is different from a humans.

The last thing I’ll note is that the Skritt look filthy and remarkably rat like, especially the fleshy tails. You can even note muscle tone and shoulder blades. I would be strung up I think, if I didn’t note that the Charr looks like he has a spotted, (you’re welcome tigerfeet) wagging (!) tail.

Shield Stance

In GW Shield Stance blocked and reduced damage. In the video it’s hard to tell just how much damage it’s blocking but the visual does tell us something.

Apparently it immobilizes you for a moment, since you have to kneel. Not sure how much of a fan I am of that. Also the fire flows around the shield, but not through it, I am a big fan of that. The shield also glows a bit while being hit, but not before or after.

The first mace skill she uses appears to charge up, as the warrior profession page tells us about. It appears to glow a little before a kind of slow wind up over hand attack. It one hit kills the drake but with the health of previous demonstration mobs its hard to say how effective the hit was. The last 3 skills she uses appear to be a chain as they flow from one to another along with skill effects.

I’m not sure if the glow around the head of the drake is a sign its casting or buffing, but probably casting because it then lets out that belch of fire from it’s mouth.

The weapons again are pretty basic but I’m still feeling like they’re more realistic if not fantastical or heavily designed. Just a simple shield and mace. Basic isn’t to say they aren’t well designed armour or weapons, they are, its just by comparison to GW, its not wildly colored, fantastically decorated, fantasy dream armour/weapons gone mad type stuff. The stuff in the videos looks way more practical. Will we have fantastical armour and weapons? Absolutely.

The setting is obviously very swampy. Now whether that is Black Curtain swamp or Arbor Bay swamp is hard to say, but IMO its definitely Krytan swamp, the dark, dreary, dying, decaying feeling is given off pretty heavy where Maguuma swamp is more lush, thriving, jungle swamp.

The video starts with what I think is an entering battle indicator and a leaving battle indicator. You can hear her footfalls on the wooden pier, followed by the fairly good flame throwing sound effect. I think the mace thud clang is sufficiently different from the sharper sword clang in the earlier video.

The last thing I’ll note is that the Drakes look really detailed to me. I like the wagging (!) tail and the spots on its skin. Also the warriors hair, while corn rowed which normally looks dumb in fantasy games, looks okay. Next.


There is no Stomp in Guild Wars, and boy does it look over powered here. This whole video is like they’re trying to prove there is jumping in Guild Wars 2.

The skill essentially consists of jumping up, throwing those arms out, putting those feet together and coming down in a flash (of dust) at the same time causing a rolling shock wave. Much of this is obscured by the Grawl unfortunately. Stupid gorillas.

At the second group of Grawl, he uses a closing in skill but I can’t tell if its the same one as the Grawl doesn’t seem stunned, nor can I see the closing in animation end effect in the first video as the target is nearly off screen.

Is that the first emote? It seems like it. /roar maybe? And it’s audible. Wicked. Guild Wars has some 50 emotes.

He seems to be dual wielding the same weapon in both hands. One of the more interesting blades we’ve seen so far. The Grawl have what appear to be skull shields and at least one of them appears to hold their weapon in the left hand and shield in their right hand. Ambidextrous? My suggestion to the Grawl is, do not bring a bow to a knife fight. Lastly the Grawl have some very simplistic axes, tribal-like.

The armour on this Charr is by far the most fantasy driven so far. The gloves alone look intricate and design heavy. I’m not sure all the parts match though, especially the pants. The Grawl seem to be wearing loin cloths and head-dresses. Enough said.

I suppose the settings are supposed to be deliberately difficult to identify. Yet if I had to say where this was, it looks like my idea of what the searing would look like after 250 years. It also doesn’t look all that distant from where the Meteor Shower video took place, and there is even some of that black spire things going on, perhaps an indication of a Charr settlement but who knows. One thing I can say is, if you look off into the distance it feels big.

Not much sound to comment on. Snorting growling that sort of thing. The Grawl bounce around even sound like idiots. The rolling thunder of stomp is a pretty good effect. For some reason the idea of audible emotes makes me pretty happy, even though a lot of other games have them now.

Final note on that is this. It’s okay Anet, we know you can jump. This isn’t a Woody Harrelson/Wesley Snipes film, you have nothing to prove.


At one point this was one of my favourite skills as it does damage and causes a deep wound. It’s pretty different here though.

The warrior throws one axe at a monster (troll? ogre? the tusks remind me of Fen Trolls or Grey Giants) then closes in on another. The closing move here appears to be eviscerate. I’m starting to think there are a lot of quick closing skills that rapidly move you to your target. He moves on to the next mob the same way, finishes it off with a swipe, and then again the same way on the last mob, which I think was the one he threw his axe at.

The skill itself appears to be blazing trail of light, while the warrior jumps and ends with a slash of the axe.

The thrown axe has a twisting trail of light, and the lone axe swing appears to have a lit up trail as well, so maybe all axe skills are similar.

The last monster alive, that jumps, might be doing its version of Stomp, but, there is a definite cone of shock wave moving towards the warrior where Stomp looked more like a circular shock wave.

He appears to be wielding a pair of spiked axes, fairly common. The trolls, if that is what they are, nothing at all.

The armour is again earth tones, and more simplistic as with the other human armours. The shoulders and kilt/apron aspect do seem a little more like GW though.

The setting is very autumn like, which is what the Charr homelands were always like. I don’t have a problem saying that’s where it probably is.

Eviscerate sounds like a jet plane, if that flying jump is Eviscerate. Its so different from what I might expect I’m not entirely convinced. I find the sound to be out of place but kind of good. I’m not sure why after the flying jump theres a sonic boom. Is Guile in this game or something? Very air force themed. I like that initial roar from the mob though.

Final note on Eviscerate, I honestly think this is one of the worst videos. Its just not clear enough, and the switch in perspectives kind of throws you off. I do love the design of those creatures, their sounds, animations, and mostly their looks. The plated neck, shoulders, back. The ears, tusks, eyes, hair, yeah they got to be trolls.

Okay so that is that. Me tired, me go bye bye.



  1. SA+Gash+FT: Didnt notice anything in the video that you didnt cover. I agree with you about the armor I have never been a big fan of the high fantasy style stuff either, I much prefer the more realistic looking armors especially on a warrior. Though I admit the elite Luxon warrior armor is growing on me I just picked up a set the other day.
    About the skills. I am curious how the chain actually works. If it will be like a macro, press once and it triggers all 3. Or if it will be more like say an assassins Lead, offhand, dual combo tagging the enemy each time you hit with it and triggering the next in line on the next use. I think I would prefer the later even though it would require more button pressing because it would allow us to use other skills in between, say a heal or another attack skill etc. Having it like that would also allow us to switch targets mid chain and tag another with Sever etc, or if needs be break off from a target completely for whatever reason and not be locked into useing the entire chain all at once.

    Arcing Shot: Actuallt there is one in GW it is nothing like the one in the video though other than the high arc (well that I can tell anyway). It looks almost like they combined Arcing Shot with Ignite Arrows and made it prettier. Maybe its just the angle of the video and the high arc of the shot but I agree that looks like some serious range.
    I dont know about the bow, it does look familiar but maybe its just my mind associating the internal fire looking effect with the destroyer bow.
    The armor does have a somewhat Obsidion look to it but I cant imagine they would reveal a prestige armor in a trailer video. I am not too keen on it myself never been a big fan of huge spikes. It is hard to make out any details on it which I imagine was intentional. I did notice on his right shoulder when its close up there appears to be an embossed pattern on it. It is very shiny almost looks like it is wet or made out of plastic, but again that could have been intentionally done to prevent us from seeing too much detail or just the effect of the lighting in that area.
    I agree the Skrit look really well modeled and rendered, infact everything I have seen so far seems to have a huge improvement in modeling over GW1. This gives me hope that I may actually be able to stomach having a big cat pet. The ones in GW1 are terrible stubby legs and big heads.

    Shield Stance: Yeah I agree with you concer about immobilization, especially given that Eric Flannum said in the Onlinewelten interview that they are planning to experiment with directional blocking. In GW1 getting struck from behind is an automatic crit.

    I am not sure if thats a chain or just a single attack skill being spammed, other than the direction that the blows are coming from the effects all look pretty much the same to me and they all have the same sound. In fact I think they all may be the first attack skill used just not fully charged.

    I am really liking the looks of that armor she has on and im loving that shield skin with the steel rim around the wood. The Ornate Buckler is probably one of my favorite shield skins in GW1. Like I said I am on the same page as you when it comes to the more realistic and practical looking armor and weapons.

    Stomp: Yeah this one seems a little OP to me aswell. It looks like it has a pretty fast recharge for an AoE knock down skill. But who knows it could all just be for shock and awe and not actually reflect the actual skills cooldown and power.

    If we do get directional blocking and can weild shields in either hand, and if body blocking is still possible. I predict we will see a lot of people useing boxing in tactics in pvp more so than is currently done. I also Imagine we will see phalanx or shield wall tactics, which would actually be pretty cool I think.

    I have mixed feelings about audible emotes. Every game I have played that has had them there was always some assclown standing in town spamming the crap out of them. It gets old pretty quick, and whats worse and I have seen it happen is when they do it in a group during combat. But I guess it cant be any worse than some moron running up and doing the male warrior dance right on top of you.

    Eviscerate: I am digging the thrown axe at the beggining it looks pretty cool. As for eviscerate itself it definetly looks to me to be the leaping skill as that is all he does to the last mob is leap in and simultaniously chop with the axe. How powerful it is, cant really say. But I like the idea of warriors having much higher mobility like this.

    I noticed that most of these warrior skills particularly the closing skills seem to have a white to yellow kind of vapor trail effect. This just bolsters my belief that that Charr in the Races video was an assassin.

    All in all the more I see of it the more I like the looks of the game. It seems to have a much more realistic raw, I dare say organic look than most fantasy games have. I like the more earthy natural colors and tones not everything all bright and happy candy colored. I guess Guildwars has always had that but it just seems better. I am really impressed with the modeling, texturing, and coloring of the game.

    • i think its a chain because it flows through really nicely, one skill to the next. maybe you’re right, but thats my opinion.

      forgot about the gw1 arcing shot.

      as time passes i’m not really sure its an audible emote. it could be but it could also just be a charr one liner. all the one liners so far have been human, so i suppose its possible roar for their one liners, also, i haven’t seen human body movement with their one liners, but i haven’t been looking. i still think its an audible emote but i’m not counting on it.

    • Just FYI, GW1 grants autocrit only when the target is moving away from you.
      You may be worried about immobilization from using Shield Stance, but never fear: stances can be activated and deactivated at will.
      Good write up Hunter, I think you covered almost everything. Shield stance does glow before being hit. The Arcing Shot video has the same pixelly reflections going on that the EotN armors have.

      • my concern isn’t so much toggling on and off the shield stance, but that i would rather be moving while blocking, instead of stationary.

        • Judging by the position she takes when she enters the stance it does look like it immobilizes, but it could just be that she doesnt move because she doesnt need to. Impossible to say without more information. I would prefer mobility aswell though.

  2. Wow I have no idea what happend with that sentance, why it got all spread out like that it wasnt like that when I typed it.

    • The female elementalist armor is the most not realistic armor, it doesnt cover most of her body hehe

      • true, its not very realistic, never has been, but it does sort of look more like a classical sorcerer in my opinion.

        • I cant think of a single case where female sorcerer or elemantalist was synonymous with realistic or non scanty armor. In fact I think it is a hard set rule that all fantasy women in art, video games, or movies must have “perfect” figures big boobs and show lots of skin. If they do not then some artist or costume designer is surely going to be flogged.

          • Good, I hope they do get flogged. The idea is that they study, they don’t have the dexterity or strength to get around in combat in anything but a swim suit. besides, they get a charamisa boost in the swimsuit (+5 sexterity) and that gives them all the plate wielding warriors they’ll ever need.

  3. I’m trying to decide if the warrior skills are a bit too flashy for my liking, with all the motion lines and huge arcing sweep effects to accompany sword swings. I really disliked the flashiness of Aion, but here they are unaccompanied by oversized weapons, so I’m not sure if the offense was strictly in the ridiculous weaponry/armor, or the visual effects themselves.

    I do find myself hoping they were played up for demonstration purposes and are a little more toned down for actual gameplay.

    Otherwise, everything else about the videos was stupendous and exciting. Can’t wait to start blocking with my shield! Nice analysis!

    • Yes, the forums at gw2guru have a thread concerned with the fear that too many skill effects in one spot will over crowd each fight. Its an interesting point. I did like the skill effects over all though.

      • I generally prefer to play warriors or melee characters in general, so I guess i have gotten pretty used to being in the thick of all the skill effects. The only time I really have a problem in Guildwars atleast is when I am surrounded by minions aswell. Hopefully that wont be a big issue in GW2. But even with all the skills going off and minions around I find its pretty easy to get your bearings again if you get disoriented just by panning the camera and focusing on the center.

        I cant think of what they are off the top of my head but I know there have been a couple of visual skill effect changes in Guildwars over the years. I am sure if any of the skills in GW2 prove to be problematic in that way Anet will adress them eventually.

  4. Great analysis! I’ve got just a couple of things…

    Arcing shot: That’s a SHE charr. More feline face and a fluffy tail all the way to the base (as opposed to fluff just at the tip). Oh, and I did enjoy the amount of movement in the tail 🙂

    Stomp: You mentioned comic book lines on the skill chain and in Eviscerate, but we’ve got some here too. It’s almost impossible to see unless you look at this screenshot:
    The grawl bouncing around like jumping beans has me laughing every time I see it. I’m incapable of taking these guys seriously!

    Eviscerate: I agree with you on this one, I think those are trolls. All I know for sure though is they’re not ogres. Martin gave us a positive ID on ogres here:

    • Yeah I read somewhere after i posted someone pointing out (maybe it was you on gw2guru?) its a female, and I suppose the skull is much more like the little we’ve seen of female charr.

      Nice pickup on that sunburst like animation from the SS.

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