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Centaur is French for surrender

Jeux Online interviewed Eric Flannum about the warrior profession and then promptly surrendered. Check out the GW2Guru translation over here, and check out what I found interesting from it below.

They go over quickly the specific roles that weapons are going to play like a mace will daze and stun people while an axe will be a pure damage weapon. I particularly noted when he talked about Take Aim, a skill that reduces mobility but increases damage. I like the sort of give and take that Arenanet has always had with their skills, and really it just makes sense. If you’re taking aim at something, you’re probably going to have to slow down for a second, but you would probably have a better chance of hitting it.

Then the interviewer asks about doing the trait challenges with other people, which you can, and whether there are racial traits, which there were but they took out due to balance issues, but I don’t care about either of those issues.

Then they talk about builds. Builds are a big part of Guild Wars so it’s interesting they’ve been talking about them more. In Guild Wars 2 they say a build includes skills, traits, attributes, and weapons. I was beginning to think attributes would play a much smaller role as even Arenanet admits that traits partially take their place. If they’re apart of the builds though I guess I was wrong. I’m just hoping they have templates. Obviously with a more complicated build scenario they’ll be even more useful.

Finally they talk about the loss of the secondary profession and how that will effect Guild Wars 2. To be honest, my elementalist hasn’t been using a secondary profession skill for quite some time. I’ve got it set up to do Fire AoE in such a way that I almost always have something ready to be cast. You could always make powerful builds without using your secondary. So it will be interesting to see just how awesome professions will be when unhampered by the balancing issues of having secondary professions at all. Mesmer Fast Casting might actually cast fast. Necromancer Soul Reaping might actually reap souls. Ranger Expertise might actually be, well you get the picture.

Actually to me, the loss of the secondary now makes a lot more sense. It’s like professions can finally live up to their hype. Well that’s my take.



  1. First of all, lemmie say, I love that they dropped secondary professions. I appreciated the variety it offered in GW, but I appreciate more the unique quality of each profession in GW2. I really feel like I’m playing the profession, rather than a character that is slightly better at some aspect of a profession than another character (I get more energy, I cast more quickly, I deal slightly more damage, etc.)

    Secondly, I love the new trait system. While the “builds” of GW2 may appear complicated at first, I think they offer a lot of cool options for you to really personalize your character. The weapon skills keep all builds minimally viable (dare I say idiot proof?). Traits allow you to min-max your role and spec for your playstyle. Skills can be swapped quickly to further augment your playstyle, but also fine-tune your role on the fly.

    Attributes…well, we don’t know much about them yet. I believe attributes, health, and magic are going to be level dependent. A higher level character will simply have more health and energy than a lower level character. That doesn’t make them ridiculously overpowered, just slightly advantaged. The same can be said for attributes. I’ll bet you get X attribute points per level that you can place in the general attributes as you do now in GW. These will likely remain the same over time and people will only change them when they’re overhauling their character build. I think attributes will largely determine amount of damage and duration of spells, while traits will augment # of targets affected and potentially size of AoE.

    Finally, I appreciate the realism that is associated with builds. You must earn your traits. Skills have unique drawbacks (e.g., sacrifice movement for damage with Take Aim) rather than long casting/cooldown times to balance them. I like that we are more actively involved with our characters (e.g., active blocking with a shield) rather than simply c + spacebar auto-attack combat. I like that each profession offers its own unique playstyle comparable to the other professions, but also allows you to tweak that playstyle further and on the fly. I hated the 8 skill system for its lack of realism. As an elementalist, I control ALL OF THE ELEMENTS, not just whichever one I brought with me. Cheers for being able to not only switch things up in battle, but change my build immediately following a battle that sucked rather than be stuck with a crappy build that weighs down my party for the rest of the encounter/mission/quest/etc.

    • yeah your response actually makes me think a full post on why secondaries being gone isn’t a bad thing.

      your probably right about attributes, if anything they will not be distributed the exact same way as gw, parcelled out and then after ascension/weh no su the other half dropped on you.

      • One advantage that comes to mind:
        With 10 professions you have 10*9 profession combinations with access to (more than) 2 hundred skills. Plus one unique primary attribute. Which makes skill balance utterly impossible.
        And I’m not talking about PvE but PvP where skill balance actually matters.

    • I find it interesting that they are going with generic attribute lines shared across all players, like a traditional rpg… Endurance and Wisdom etc. But i wonder what these attributes will be…
      Vitality, more health
      Power, more energy
      Endurance, more armor
      Agility, speed of movement and actions

      With professions, weapons, skills, races and traits, I would expect attributes to be simplified, allowing an extra layer of customization without becoming confusing.

    • Realism? In a fantasy game?
      And what about rezzes? Or were you going for survivor with each and every char of yours?
      And as for weapon swapping: I really wanna see someone in the middle of a real battle putting away his axe and shield, taling out the bastardsword, attacking once then changing back to the axe+shield combo. RIP.
      On a sidenote: The idea behind the 8 skills was that they were basically rings you wear on your 8 fingers – most obvious with those signets. Which isn’t particularily realistiv either, yeah. ;-D

  2. I play similarly to you, and tend to make very little (if any) use of my secondary profession. There’s some rare cases where I really enjoy it (my pre-searing W/R, my hex-happy Me/N), but on the whole I’d rather master one class than try to find synergy between the skills of two.

    • maxing out that class specific attribute can come in really handy, especially i think for rangers, necros and others.

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