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Traits partially replace attributes. Apparently it would have been smarter to read all 3 links of note before blogging at all today, but time is not on my side. The interview at Online Welten (which I think is German for “We’re getting a playable demo of Guild Wars 2 first suckers!”) clears up a few things right away.

You’ll also be able to have several dozen traits equipped at once, although not all will have an effect. Axe traits are no good without axes.

Want an example of how traits effect professions other that warrior?

Elementalist traits can do things such as cause signets to recharge more quickly, make the Chain Lightning skill strike additional targets, and give the Water Trident skill an aoe healing component centered on the area it hits.

That’s some very specific traits. Traits that effect single skills kind of turn me off though, I’m hoping those are just examples of what a trait might do to those specific skills.

The only other thing of note is what they mention about wielding shields.

Warriors can also block projectiles targeted at allies by simply standing between an ally and an enemy and blocking the projectile

Honestly that sounds kind of stupid when you say it out loud. You mean shields block stuff!? Wicked! Hard to think of many games in the style that actually do what they’re supposed to do.

This'll be fun



  1. Going on the fact that they said there will be roughly 100 per profession, and what they said about trait lines. My guess is that the traits will be in categories like 1 or 2 for each main attribute, 1 or 2 for each weapon type and in the case of the Elementalist its attunements. Then probably skill specific traits for healing and utility skills and whatever other miscellaneous skills we have. Obviously different for each profession.
    Kind of an obvious statement I guess, thats just how I am understanding it.

    I can see how it would offer us a lot of diversity in how we build and play our characters and I am all for that. I think my biggest concern is in how we aquire them. Will it be via personal story quests, main story quests, events? Are we going to have to go way out of our way to get them or will it be in tune with our characters natural progression? I dont mind having to do quests and whatnot to get them so long as it is not grind in the sense of having to do the same quest or event over and over. Anet has said many times that they are against grind, GW1 titles say differently. Maybe they will be one of the things we can purchase with Karma?

    • I’m excited about traits. I appreciate how they allow you to customize your character further and enhance gameplay to suit your style. They remind me of feats in 3rd and 4th edition D&D.

      What I really like about them is their method of acquisition. I feel like I will have to earn them rather than just purchase them. Will this add grinding to the game? Maybe a little, but you don’t have to get all the traits, only the ones that coincide with your playstyle. I’m sure some of the traits will require you to do something akin to “kill 50 ogres using only a sword” but ANet’s anti-grinding mentality will minimize these for sure.

      I’m personally a fan of seeking out a lost tome at the far corner of the Earth or challenging a wandering swordsman to a duel. These are quests and challenges that offer interesting and appropriate awards. They also appeal to gamers who like the “!” style questing of MMOs as they have a clear task with clear completion criteria and clear reward. As a Dungeon Master, I would occasionally either require a quest or task for players wanting to earn a feat or join a prestige class, or simply reward players with a feat appropriate to their accomplishment in lieu of treasure. This new trait system greatly appeals to me.

      • adding story to getting more powerful just makes sense to me.

    • i’m thinking some traits are probbly shared, particularly if they’re to do with weapons, so while each profession has access to 100 it’ll end up being less than 800.

      i’ve been thinking about how to get them too and one thought that i had was gw titles might lead to gw2 traits, but I doubt it.

      it sounds like they’re just mini events or mini quests to me.

      • Yeah my concern isn’t so much the amount of work involved in getting the traits but more how much it is going to affect the flow of the game, how diversionary will it be to the stories? I am not one who feels I need to rush through everything to get to end game as fast as possible, but I do like the story to have a sense of flow to it which GW1 pulled off well.
        The traits sound pretty integral to building a character well. One of the things I hated most about RoM was feeling like I hit a brick wall when moving on to the next zone if I hadnt taken the time to grind a level or two which got progressively worse the higher you got.
        So I guess what I am saying is that I am concerned that the traits will have so much impact on gameplay that it will be pretty necessary to hunt them down at regular intervals. If they are not tied in with the natural progression of the story it seems it would distract heavily from it forcing us to break off and hunt down our traits. I know they arent trying to make the game so linear but linear progression is kind of necessary to story telling.

        Dont get me wrong though I am intrigued. It sounds like we will have a lot of flexibility in how we manage our builds. I like the idea of being able to fine tune and strengthen certain skills and well traits.
        Of course this will be the new elitist excuse to rant “omfg wtf you arent spec’d like this gtfo nub!”. But that is bound to happen somewhere in the game anyway.

  2. P.S. Sorry for jumping the gun with your last post. I had a feeling you were going to post this too, should have stopped myself.

    • Don’t worry i too needed training when I first came to his little blog.

  3. I made the same mistake! I whipped up a visual about the traits before I saw the Onlinewelten interview and ended up looking silly.

    • yeah i saw the visual, it didn’t look silly

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