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June 10, 2010 at 9:05 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 4 Comments
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Aside from the many sites posting summaries of what has been announced about Warriors and Traits, there are actually only a few with new information.

Massively stepped up and asked a few questions of Eric “Terminator” Flannum a few questions (terminator because he absolutely will not stop until he is dead) about traits and what not.

It’s actually pretty surprising that there haven’t been more interviews, there have usually been quite a few around major information releases. Perhaps they needed a break or they couldn’t garner enough interest, or they just don’t have time. Is the Guild Wars 2 hype machine slowing down? Maybe, but I’m expecting as usual a follow up on their blog pretty soon.

It’s a fairly short interview so I’ll just bullet point some of what was said.

    – Traits become available at level 15
    – Skills will be altered for PvP use
    – Unusual for warriors to do nothing but ranger like attacks
    – catch phrases relate to what you’re doing

First of all I can’t say level 15 is a bad or good thing without playing the game, but if there’s a lot of content before level 15, considering how alt heavy Guild Wars can be, it might be annoying depending on how long it takes to level. Probably not, considering it usually doesn’t take long to level.

I appreciate that balancing is difficult when you have a complex skill system, but I’ve never been a fan of two sets of skills, one for pvp one for pve.

While you can play the warrior as a ranged class, they say it would take an unusual build. Besides, I’m pretty sure they’ve mentioned rangers off hand in various interviews.

You can toggle off the catch phrases so I don’t care much about them. I find some of the catch phrases to be pretty terrible. Stun someone in battle and say “I’m so stunning!”? That’s slightly lame.

I guess that’s it for today. Should probably go play an MMO or something.



  1. Okay, my character firing off one-liners while fighting in the manner of Peter Parker = automatic disabling from me 😛

    • what! don’t be dissin peter parker!

      • Haha, having Spider-man, Deadpool, Ice Man and Human Torch in the same group when I played Ultimate Alliance was like cacophony of wise-ass cracks and snide one-liners. I called them my dickery squad 😛

        • I love the spectacular spiderman animated series, but the only slight problem I have with it is the one liners stink. Used to love it if spidey teamed up with the human torch in the comics.

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