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My people once were warriors

I’m not sure I ever spoke aloud my suspicion on this blog that the warrior was the next profession to be released for Guild Wars 2. I did make a bet over at Secret Agent Cat though. I win.

Today they put up the warriors page with videos and it’s going to take me a while to put together an analysis of those and various interviews, busy life and all, but I’ll go through what we’ve learned about the warrior today.

I’ll start with one of Guild Wars more innovative notions, Adrenaline. Originally with every attack and every time you got hit, you’d build up adrenaline. Warriors used energy but most of their skills cost varying amounts of adrenaline. Counter-Blow might use 4 strikes of adrenaline, Disrupting Chop might use 7 strikes.

In Guild Wars 2 they appear to have changed this. They make no mention of it being used for most skills. Instead they imply it is only used for a designated burst skill. It builds the same way, with each attack, and passive bonus’ are added the more you build it, but all adrenaline is removed when the burst skill is used.

I can see why they made this change. Often your best warrior skills in GW cost high amounts of adrenaline, as much as 8 or 10 strikes. This meant you rarely used them and if you were in an experienced group, entire groups of enemies can die before you manage to use the skill once. It sounds like burst skills will make for good finishing skills. The passive bonus’, adding damage, almost seems to be taking the place of the strength attribute in GW also, as it added a percentage of armour penetration with every level.

It’s interesting how closely some things stay the same though. The sword appears to be continuing as the weapon that causes bleeds and conditions, with even the same skill names and chains of skills that I use. While this is true, it sounds as though each weapon has an even more distinct role. In GW sword, axe, and hammer often ended up doing much of the same work. On the page it sounds more diversified and specialized, it will be nice to see if this remains true in practice.

Of particular note is that the warrior can use 9 of the 16 (?) or so weapons. That sounds like a larger proportion of possibilities than other professions are going to have. I also liked the description of the rifle.

The RIFLE is a single-target ranged weapon that a warrior can use to pull monsters or finish off a fleeing foe.

A major problem for warriors, especially in PvP, was trying to catch up to people who were running away. If you didn’t bring that cripple skill with you often you could end up giving chase for minutes at a time.

The special skill types are a mix of new and old.

Stances were one of my favourite things about warriors until they were nerfed into oblivion. Their basic mechanic appears to have changed from a simple energy/adrenaline cost and duration, to an energy/adrenaline drain and toggle-able duration. I loved stances in GW but they went from a must have to a never have.

Chains sound almost over powered. What took up 3 slots on my skill bar in GW, sever artery, gash, and final thrust, takes up 1 in GW2 even though we’re already getting 10 slots instead of 8? How many chains can I have? It sounds like one per weapon set.

Banners are a lot like the Battle Standard PvE skills in Eye of the North. Which in turn were like the area of effect spirits of the ritualist, which were kind of like the elementalist wards or the necromancer wells. An area of effect buff. The new spin is you can move it, and while ritualists could cast a spell to move their spirits, this sounds a lot like you just pick it up and run around with it.

Shouts sound pretty much the same, except they refer to it as a spell. Maybe that’s just for explanation purposes.

The final special skill type are Charge skills and they remind me of a throwback to early video games. I can’t think of a specific example off the top of my head where I held down a button to charge it, but it must be an 80’s style mechanic.

There’s a mention of a trait towards the bottom, a weapons master trait. Now I haven’t read the trait article yet, but to me this sounds a little over powered. I’m not going to draw conclusions yet of course.

Overall, while I didn’t find the Elementalist changed very much at all, I think the warrior has ended up being fairly different. Not so different that it’s unrecognizable and indeed much of it is familiar, but there are definite changes. I think most of the changes will definitely make warrior fans happy. I’m sure they’re saving the professions that have changed the most for last, including new professions, and to me that probably means Rangers are next up in about a month and a half.



  1. *Wipes drool off chin*

    I just dont even really know what to say, I am kinda numb here.


    It seems like there is going to be a lot more to playing a warrior than just C+Space, wait for adrenalin, spike, spike, spike, C+Space…etc.

    The change to adrenalin and the charged skills both have me intrigued. It sounds to me that with the charge skills, the passive bonus to adrenalin, the fact that we can use the adrenalin at any time regardless of if it is full or not, and the burst skill. Warriors are going to have a much more fluctuating momentum oriented style of combat.
    It sounds like we will be able to go in strong with our charged skill, let our adrenalin build all the while getting progressively stronger, then unleash our burst skill for massive damage.
    Instead of run in start whacking and hope our adrenalin can build before the mob is dead. It sounds like we will have much more damage output potential.

    With all the different weapons and their respective roles, and the banners. It seems we will have much more diversity in the warrior class other than just defensive tanking or offensive pressure.
    I noticed in the Sever,Gash,Final Thrust video he charged and stunned with his shield. That and the description of the maces role sounds like the shield and mace combo will be all about stunning.

    I am excited, I cant wait to jump in and start playing around with this class. As with just about every fantasy game I play Warrior will most likely be my first character. Yeah im one of those people.

    • you never know, they might take blood out to make it more pg13.

      • True but it gave me an excuse to yell that out.

  2. I think your getting excited there with the pre-charged skills; warriors are about lasting the battle not coming out all blazing underwear like eles. They don’t want you rushing around with monks trying to recharge before each battle remember?
    Anyway, I only play wow (besides from GW) really and they use adrenaline too so it’s a bit of a heard before sort of artical. In GW and WOW you also got adrenaline by being hit; didn’t mention that here.
    To be frank this class may have changed a little bit in terms of high level ideas; but the basic mechanic is still the same. It’s going to fall dead last for me in terms of which character to make right now. Looks like a cant-take-heaps-of-damage-but-wheres-my-damage-heals? sort of character.
    What interests me is that they havent talked about tanking or any form of mob control / agro control.
    The shield looks interesting and well require smarts rather than the usual dumb to use which is promising; I need the warrior play smartened up too. At this stage I don’t see it.

  3. I enjoyed the bow attacks the most if its got decent damage a ranger well again be a favoured character in GW2. I also agree ranger is next.
    I also enjoyed the nasty look of the char; much better than the human characters. The char seem to have much more CHARacter if you ask me.
    I trust they are working on the char right now with the human side done.

    • that was a truly terrible pun.

  4. GW2 could never feel so far away!
    And still I’m a bit dissapointing that the Warrior was reaveld and not a proffesion we didn’t know about yet.

    • well i’m sorry to say it makes way more sense to hold on to new professions until later for marketing reasons.

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