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Actually I guess that title is not the same franchise as what I’m talking about. To be honest I’m not a fan of the gritty feeling in the short below, or the gore. Nevertheless I felt compelled to post it because, I can’t help feeling that maybe this was the Mortal Kombat movie they should have made in 1995. Instead of this travesty.

It’s not a trailer by the way, it’s more a short film trying to drum up investors for a “rebirth” of the franchise. It’s got Spawn AND Seven of Nine. Nerd wet dream already.



  1. Aww come on man the 95 Mortal Combat was rad! You know you loved it dont lie.

    I dont know that I would go see it in the theater, but I would watch it on DVD or TV for sure.

    • your perceptions of that movie are obviously colored by your youthful enthusiasm. if you go back and watch it now it will suck.

      • Lies!

        Cmon man Bridgette Wilson was hot as Sonja Blade.

  2. why is Hwood doing all of these remakes of not-that-old franchises and why won’t they make a Captain Planet Remake???

    • I suspect it is a generational thing. Most of the franchises I have noticed they are making movies for are ones from the 80’s and 90’s Transformers, GI Joe etc. Basicaly all the kids from those decades are now working adults and therefore are the most appropriate demographic to appeal to. Also I am sure alot of the actors, directors, screenwriters, and alot other people who work on the movies are from that generation as well and just want to make movies of the franchises they loved as children.

    • thundercats and voltron are go. so maybe your dreams will come true some day.

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