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I know nobody else wanted me to get Primeval for my Necro, but I went with it anyway!

Yesterday I logged in to Guild Wars because there was a new update. The activity patterns of the people I know don’t seem to be jiving too well with my own. Nobody I knew was online, even though over the past few weeks I’ve seen more and more people who I hadn’t seen in ages. I had a conversation with Meal last week, I think that’s the first time I’ve spoken to him since I quit after Nightfall maybe.

After a few minutes of waiting around I looked at my Storybooks. When Eye of the North came out GW started implementing a book that keeps track of what missions you do. There is now a book for every campaign. You can turn them in for experience, gold, and depending on which campaign you’re in, faction or reputation.

It’s gotten kind of complicated.

The books I was looking at were my HM Master Dungeon Guide and HM Hero’s Handbook, which are both almost done. I need Destruction Depths for My HH, and Frostmaw’s Burrow, Shards of Orr, and Slaver’s Exile for my MDG. Piece of cake right? Sigh.

I could turn them in early for less reward, but I’m 40k from my Agent title and 42k from my Delver title. Other than the War in Kryta, this looks like it will be the priority until Guild Wars 2 arrives.

If I max those 2 titles, I’ll be at 23 maxed titles, along with other achievements. Currently I wear “I Have Many Leatherbound Books” around town.

Being at 23 maxed titles puts me only 2 titles away from “My Guild Hall Smells Of Rich Mahogoney”. Which 2 titles should I max? Well, being only 1 Hard Mode mission away from Guardian of Elona, which in turn would complete my Legendary Guardian title, this is also going to be a priority.

The problem is I can’t do Gates of Madness with Hench and Heroes. I’ve tried. In HM it’s impossible. Or just really irritating. I’ve already made arrangements with May to do this at an some point in the future, but I sort of dread doing it. Not one of my favourites. Where is MonusWay!?

You can do the vast majority of content in GW by yourself. Henchmen have only gotten better since the early days when they had terrible skill bars, would stand around without ressing you, would run back and forth for no reason to the point where they’d stop casting their own spells. Heroes of course are even better, which leaves only the most difficult content out of reach for solo players.

For the most part that’s the only stuff I want to do. I should probably join an active guild.



  1. Heh Gate of Madness HM is a nightmare unless you have the right team. I recall we tried it a few times and failed. I dont know what time you are typically on but I seem to miss you by about an hour or so usually.
    I am at 24 titles myself and really close to maxing Master of the North. Just need Sepulchre, Ravens Point, and Irontoe’s Lair for the Master of the North. I need all the ones you mentioned except Frostmaws to fill out the MDG I have now to use for the Vanguard title.
    Anyway let me know what time you are typically on and I will try and get on and help you out.

    • I’m in no hurry, so whenever I get around to it, which should be a while considering how much I procrastinate, I’ll try getting your attention. I get on late in the day when I do.

  2. I’m usually on in the evening starting at around 9pm EST. If I’m not idle, I’ll definitely be up for something to get back into the groove.

    • Yeah i’ve seen you online. I’ll msg you if you’re around.

  3. When doing GoM HM, I found it pretty helpful to keep Shiro snared at all times (water hex, cripple) so that he didn’t bother us too much while we captured the shrines.

    • spoiler alert btw, but yeah I’ll keep that in mind, did you do it with heroes? I’ve just plain never had much luck getting rid of one or the other.

      • I always do it with at least one other person. Because the mission can be such a headache, friends/guildies always join me.

  4. GoM HM is actually quite doable with heroes and henchmen. The heroes need to be the right ones though. Both wikis have helpful info about it but here is what I do:
    1 MM (minionmancer) to actually get to the final fight w/ Shiro easier.
    1 boss hater Necromancer (Spoil Victor, wait, here’s the code:
    yymv though ;-D )and
    1 stance ending Warrior. For the Shiro fight the stance ending skill needs to be disabled and used manually on Battle Scars.
    Now when you get to the temple of the six gods you run in, kill the Lich while abolutely ignoring Shiro. When the Lich is dead you start to cap the 5 shrines. Afterwards you run outside again to the area where the 5 (or six) spirit rifts had to be closed. There you position your W close to the entrance so he’ll be the only one to draw aggro on Shiro and flag all the others further back. (If Shiro shadows steps to one of the during the following fight then they’re still too close -> flag them further away). Pull Shiro up to your W and move to the other henchies: Shiro will attack only the W, all others are safe and BS can be interrupted when needed. Just don’t fall asleep, you need to micro!

    • I forgot: When capping the 5 shrines still ignore Shiro, don’t attack him until you do the aforementioned stuff.

      • I’m aware of the basic strategy but things do tend to go wrong and I don’t like doing missions over and over. that’s essentially the problem

        • Sorry mate,

          didn’t mean to imply that you’re a nub or anything. 😉
          I usually find it easier to hero/hench my way thru GW than play with real people (even my gf 😮 ) – total control over all 8 peeps is just too good. ;-D
          But having to repeat missions over and over does suck big time, yeah.

  5. There’s a haxx way of doing GoM… so it depends on whether or not you want to do it that way.

    …I did. *shame*

    Bring h/h (need to for this, but one other human is fine too). When you get to the shrine bits, stay as far away from the shrine as you can after killing your way there.

    Press ‘U’ to open up the area map. Use the area map to flag your heroes onto each god’s shrine. For those shrines that showed up in your radar, the margonites will be grumpy, and your h/h will fight. But here’s the haxx. For those shrines that were *not* revealed by your radar… the Margonites won’t be hostile. Neither will Shiro or the Lich. They only turn red when your radar reveals them as such.

    Flag your H/H at each shrine, and let them take it. You’ll get a popup telling you when it’s done. All shrines capped, release the H/H. They’ll run back to you.

    That’s it. Bonus done. Pull Shiro and/or Lich (your own preference on the kill order) and it’s done. I tend to bring shadowsong and displacement on one hero, and then a paragon hero for general Song of Restoration bar buffage, + wild blow. I keep wild blow disabled, and micro it for Shiro’s Battle Scars. Paragon has a spear until we get to Shiro, then I switch in a melee weapon. Any melee weapon will do – just want to micro Wild Blow to counter Battle Scars.

    ^_^ If you still need help with it, feel free to poke Glorious Mcnugget or other variants thereof. If I’m online, I’ll helpie!

  6. (Er when I wrote ‘flag your heroes’ I really meant ‘flag your H/H…)

    • ah yes. i’d heard of this way of doing it but I’m not really a big fan of the HFFF way of doing things, but if it comes to it I might try it out. It is my very last HM mission after all

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