Slovenia Nabs Pretty Good Guild Wars 2 Interview

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I know what you’re thinking. Where in the name of hell is Slovenia. I looked it up for you. Slovenia is a small country of about 2 million people south of Austria, and just east of Venice. I say it’s a pretty good interview because it answers some questions I had about Guild Wars 2.

One of the things I had been wondering about was, if events scale, what happens with bosses? I had assumed bosses would just get more health, or better armour. Cut and dry. Not so.

In the case where players are fighting against a single boss, that boss would “unlock” new skills and use those. The skills could do things like buff it, summon reinforcements, or its attack might unleash a higher amount of damage.

That’s a far cry from Warhammer’s pretty static Public Quests. Or at least what I know of it.

Events themselves can scale in a few different ways.

The next wave could have more monsters, higher level monsters, or both (depending on how much the event needs to scale). Or, monsters can “unlock” new abilities when the scaling factor increases, which could cause them to summon reinforcements or increase their overall power level.

I have no complaints here, but it doesn’t really address the concerns of Ravious and commenters in the GW2Guru thread he references. Essentially, how do events scale downward so that people aren’t griefed? No answers yet, but they’ve got plenty of time. By the way commenters/Ravious thanks for making my 7 things to dread look woefully inadequate. 😦

The New OakHeart

One of the things Guild Wars has that few other games I’ve played have had are collectors. Get enough random monster drops, like 5 Griffon Talons we’ll say, and you can turn that in, perhaps, for a better weapon, wand, armour piece. Collectors are spread out through Tyria, and it appears they’ll be making a return in GW2.

There are many ways to gain equipment in Guild Wars 2, including collectors and merchants. Karma can be used for different things besides exchanging for items

I’m a little unsure as to what he’s getting at. Other than items I have no theories as to what we would trade Karma for. Skills? A title?

I mentioned how I want to be able to travel quickly in Guild Wars 2 in my 7 Dreads post, and they partially acknowledge travel in this quote.

Compared to the original Guild Wars, it is easier to travel while avoiding combat in Guild Wars 2. There are mobs wandering around the world like you might see in a typical MMO game, but they tend to live away from main roads and high traffic areas. On the other hand, events can take place almost anywhere, and can sometimes block a road, causing players to make a decision on whether to deal with the event, or take a dangerous detour around it.

It is impossible, for the most part to get around an instanced zone in GW without aggroing something. You can run by with running skills, and they’ll give up pretty quickly, but the explorable parts aren’t meant to be easy to get around when you have something like warping from outpost to outpost. This is good news I suppose, but no confirmation of some kind of quick travel yet.

The interviewer is just clarifying a point in his next question, I think I’ve personally covered this before, but I wanted to make a point about what is said.

Just to clarify; while revealing information regarding elementalist class, you mentioned that first 5 skills will be related to weapon type (staff for long range spells and scepter/focus for close range spells) but you also mentioned that those 5 skills will be influenced by elemental attunement. Which one is true?

Both statements are true. If I use a staff, I have different skills while attuned to earth than I have while attuned to air. I also have different skills while I am attuned to fire and wielding a staff than I have while attuned to fire and wielding two daggers. This means that an elementalist has access to 24 skills

People have complained that the new skill system is too limiting and that the intricate 1200 skill system of GW is one of the best things about it. I don’t necessarily disagree, but the new system is not without it’s benefits and diversity.

They end the interview on a note about achievements. That although GW has titles and achievements, they are quite a bit different in Guild Wars 2.

So kudos to Guild Wars Slovenija.



  1. I hadn’t realized the versatility of weapon skills until reading that. Ok, I had an idea, but now I’m really excited. Basically, an Ele gets 24 skills + an elite, self-heal, and 3 skills of choice to take around with them all due to attuning to an element and using the weapons. That’s nearly 30 skills to GW’s 8. I’m sure the learning curve will be steep on that, but I like the versatility that allows and it makes the profession a bit more realistic. I didn’t care for the GW Ele who could only cast from 1-2 elements at a given time without sacrificing power.

    • Yeah I’m just curious as to what the other professions have in store.

      • Ditto. I’m salivating over the next profession they post. I’m sad they haven’t posted it yet 😦

  2. It begs the question though. If all these skills are linked to the weapons we are weilding. And it is designed to be able to switch on the fly. Will we just have weapon set tabs like we have now that are linked to our general inventory? Or will we have say tabs in our equipment window that act as their own inventory saving us precious space? E.g: A holster for our gun, sheath for our sword, etc. I hate to think we might get screwed on that just so they can sell us more inventory bags and storage tabs through the online store again.

    It does sound like an intersting system though I am very much looking forward to playing around with it. Cant wait to hear more about skills though I am sure that info is a ways off yet.

    • enh, i never really had trouble with inventory in GW, they were pretty liberal about giving space. I don’t feel like i’ve ever been remotely tempted to buy storage panes and i’ve played the game off and on for 5 years.

      but i’m sensing you want holsters and sheaths for the coolness factor anyway. am i right?

      theres a bit of info about a bunch of skills in a thread on guru. not much, but names of skills, a general idea of what some of them do. took me a few minutes to find, and it doesn’t have the most recent info (not updated in a month) but here yo ugo.

      • Well judging by the screenshots and videos we have seen I dont think we are going to see people running around with swords on their hips. I was meaning more in the equipment g.u.i. Right now we just have one slot for our mainhand and one for our offhand, which act like their own inventory slot. Our other weapon sets take up space in our general inventory, and it just switches them out when we switch weapon sets. Rightnow I rarely find a need to switch weapon sets but I know some people do. In GW2 it seems like it is going to be a much more common practice and somewhat integral to combat. So I am just wondering if they are going to be nice to us packrats and maybe give us multiple mainhand/offhand tabs, maybe a blend of the weapon set tabs and the mainhand/offhand tab. Kind of like what RoM has with the whole second equipment G.U.I. but not to that extent, just for weapon sets. I know I dont speak for everybody I am just a packrat and it really becomes a problem when we have consumables, and quest items, and loot etc cluttering up our inventory aswell. I dont know, I just hope it is something they have considered. More inventory and storage was something a lot of people had wanted since prophecies began and when they did finally add it 3 campaigns later it was in the form of a micro transaction aquisition. Not that they didnt have a right to do that or anything, but I think it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. The addition of the weapon packs was a nice gesture but getting the large one is a considerable grind. Meh whatever we will see, I will deal with it whatever they choose to do.

        • they added material storage at one point, then one pane of extra storage, then 3 more as i remember it. along with the large equipment bags, and on top of that the ability to buy more panes. that’s pretty liberal in my book.

          • Dude your killing my rant here cmon lol.

            • Yeah I have no issues, I’d just wish they’d go back to where they came from when i switch em.

              Swapping weapons is integeral for any one in GW. Being able to access that extra 30 mana when you get desperate is seriously useful. If I dont see my monk swapping i know I am going too slow!

  3. “Compared to the original Guild Wars, it is easier to travel while avoiding combat in Guild Wars 2.”

    That was the best news I could take away from the interview (boss scaling up details notwithstanding). I love me some Guild Wars, but one of the things I have come to dread is how traveling from point A to point B really means *fighting your way* from point A to point B. I know, I know, Guild *Wars* – but sometimes I just want to take a stroll. It will be nice to be able to do that.

    • considering the amount of warping around we’re allowed to do I was never too upset that we have to fight our way through instances. but thats me.

      • Hmmm guess this means no more Droknars runners lol, though to me it sounds like there really wont be a need to cut corners like that anyway. Though I am sure people will find ways to do things quicker and charge other players for it, thats just the way things are.
        Never really bothered me to have to fight my way through either. It was the adventure the first time through and loot and xp every other time after that. And with map travel, once you had a town it was a non-issue except when questing in a zone.
        I like that they are trying to encourage people to venture off the beaten path and explore the world by placing events that are out of the way. My main character in GW’s is the only one I have that has everything explored, looking at my maps most of my characters have only cleared the areas surrounding missions and quests with a few exceptions like farming spots on my necro and monk. Yeah yeah I am lazy.
        I am hopeing with the Asuran portals, we will have a good balance between haveing to run everywhere and being able to just click a button and get where we want to be.

        • yeah i’m hoping the asura portals work more like actual portals, not access to a map where you can click any outpost and go there. some effort to get places is fine.

          I actually really thought runners were kind of an interesting in game dynamic that developed. there was no way anet planned for their existence.

          • Oh dont get me wrong I dont really have a problem with runners. I used to do the Droks run back in the days when it was just wamos that could do it. It just seems like that by making the main routes easier to traverse they are eliminating it.

            I remeber a long time ago a post on the first guru that people figured the zone from Beacons Perch to Snake Dance was put there specificaly for that reason during the beta or something. Though Anet did certainly take steps to make that run more challenging. They changed mind freeze to a 90% speed reduction without changing any other skills, and made it so the frost worms would follow for a considerably longer distance so it wasnt as easy to get away from them. I dont know really, I dont think they are against it but I think they wanted to tone it down a bit.

      • Oh, I realize I’m likely an oddity on that front (my better half certainly thinks so), but I don’t care much for combat. It’s really just something I put up with in order to unearth more story :), so the option to pass it up once in a while will be nice for me.

        • ahhh cool. yeah everybody plays mmos differently. I found in EoTN it got easier to avoid combat in some places too, so maybe anet agrees.

  4. I think running was cool; but then they started gating everything and making it easier to avoid combat… so I guess Anet is not in favour. I thought it was a cool extra way to play.

    • yeah i’d have to agree. I thought it was really interesting player behaviour, unique to gw, and since arenanet sort of created it you’d think they’d support it, but they did nothing but kill it.

  5. This one got me really thinking:
    (talking about bosses that scale up)
    “… or its attack might unleash a higher amount of damage.”
    Remember D2 with its one-hit-kill capable bosses? Or some of those high level bosses in GW even. Will bosses quickly go from hard hitting to “yep, even without a skill this is going to send you 6 feet under!” in a jiffy?
    Especially with the way GW handled deaths. I loved DP in PvP but thought it way too much of a slippery slope in PvE.

    • It seems to me there almost has to be a maximum that they can scale damage output to. Which would mean given enough players there wont be much challenge to taking down world (raid) bosses.

      Or tying in with the Monk discussion there will have to be an anti spike skill in the nature of Protective Spirit. Which begs the questions, would it be a skill or skills that every profession gets? Or would only one or two professions have them, making them the new GLF (currently unknown profession that is absolutely crucial to gameplay?

      The way I am understanding it from what they said about unlocking new skills when X amount of players are present. Is that it will most likely scale up to its maximum damage output, then it will unlock its buffs (heals/prot). Then if still more people come along it will spawn more enemies to keep the newcomers distracted and take focus off of itself.

      I dont think we are going to see bosses capable of one shot killing a player, otherwise they will almost have to corall us into useing the good ol Tank&Gank tactics. Which seems contrary to the whole free movement concept that they have been promoting.

      • I’m hoping boss encounters can at least occasionally provide a challenge that requires thinking and planning. That might mean bosses that could do near one hit damage if you’re not prepared.

        • How are you going to be prepaired for event bosses? Dungeons and such sure. Event bosses are going to have to be fairly generic as people are just going to wonder around waiting for stuff to happen?

          • that sounds really boring and i really hope they don’t do that. you can switch skills out while not in combat, thats one way of preparing.

            bosses don’t have to be generic.

        • IMO a game like this is well balanced if a balanced group is able to do a mission/quest/… without consulting a walkthru first and/or bringing a special (gimmicky) build and/or having to start over and over again.
          We’re playing heroes, the saviours of all mankind/the eternal alchemy/… for goodness sake and it doesn’t feel very heroic if my well prepared/balanced party gets its a$$ handled back over and over again. (Mind: I’m talking decent builds played by decent players!). So something like Nihlatak is just game design at its worst imo.

          • gimmicky builds in gw are usually just builds that make things easier, not the only way to do something. I’m not against difficult missions or dungeons particularly at endgame. challenge is always welcome to me. just not bang you head on a wall challenge like you seem to be saying.

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