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Guild Wars has always been big on floating rocks

I don’t listen to a whole lot of podcasts. When I do it’s not very often. I tend to be fairly picky, it’s very easy to drone on, go out on tangents, be a little obnoxious or bask in your own glory.

Although I’ve tried many podcasts, few meet my standards. One that usually does is Massively Speaking, over at Massively. I don’t listen to every episode, just when it sounds like they’re talking about an interesting subject.

Which is why you implement a decent outline of each podcast in the show notes people.

Massively has Shawn Schuster and Rubi Bayer as hosts normally. Which is interesting because they used to host GuildCast until it shut down in 2008. I never really listened to that podcast, maybe a few episodes.

Kind of odd considering I was so interested in finding a dedicated and devoted Guild Wars blog (and never really found one which is why I started this blog) but never paid any attention to the dedicated and devoted GuildCast.

The point is, they’re back. They’ve already put up 2 episodes and I never would have figured that out if it weren’t for GuildWars2Guru. So I’ll probably be listening to that. Depending on the topic.

Promotion Tip: Only promoting your podcast on twitter misses out on promoting people who don’t give a flying crap about twitter. EDIT: I suppose they did promote on Massively Speaking.

The only other podcasts I tend to listen to are Shut Up We’re Talking, occasionally Multiverse, rarely Van Hemlock, AVClub Talk (not mmo related), and that’s about it.


  1. I enjoyed the human issues they had in the first series and the final podcast was highly memorable. I felt for her.
    However, Shaun was not very exciting though he comes up with some decent subjects which adds to the news. Reading out the skill changes though was just too much for me I had to listen to it where I could fast forward.
    I am glad to hear he is back, I just hope he gets decent supporting casts which can make it interesting. I’ll listen to both podcasts and see whats it like and report back…
    I listen to a lot of podcasts when I am at work however I’ve had the past year off so I havent listened to any except an NFL one but its out of season now so I am not listening to any.

    • So you listened to it regularly? I can’t say I know much about it. Listening to only a few podcasts years ago doesn’t leave much of a memorable impression.

      I don’t recall my impressions back then, just that i didn’t listen much.

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