Guild Wars 2 Convention Appearances

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No they won’t be at E3.

Arenanet just released on their blog a short convention schedule.

I’m not a big convention fan, to be honest. I mean, I live in Eastern Canada. The closest convention would be PAX East. Which is something like a 12 hour drive or a $300 dollar flight. Lowly are the conventions that stroll through Halifax, Nova Scotia.

That said, congratulations to the Cologne, Seattle, and San Diego areas. Or Gamescom, PAX, and Comic-Con.

Comic-Con is big enough that I’m sure people plan entire vacations around, I’m kind of convinced Guild Wars 2 could be lost in a giant sea of press and promotions. PAX is a no brainer for Arenanet who is based in Seattle. Europe has always been a focus for Arenanet, it’s not a surprise they’d make a push for that market by releasing the first hands-on demo there. Can’t wait to see the videos.



  1. Man I wish I could afford to go to Comic-Con or PAX. I live in California, so close and yet so far…would love to get me some of that swag.

    Not going to speculate on a release date, but it is nice to know that by August the game will be at a level of polish suitable for consumer showcasing. This leads me to suspect that we will be getting a lot of insight about the game over the summer. Though I guess that is kind of a given considering the fairly steady stream of interviews and what not lately.

    • yeah. a ready to play demo by august suggests they’re as on track as ncsofts quarterly reports suggest.

      • Agreed, this is the first news that has confirmed to me that we are actually nearing some sort of release with in the next year odd. Joy for all.

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