Scott Pilgrim Vs Looking Wicked

June 1, 2010 at 6:44 pm | Posted in video | 4 Comments
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Scott Pilgrim Wins!



  1. Nice, I’d been looking forward to the trailer. As a Torontonian I have to say HOLY SHIT I LOVE SCOTT PILGRIM!!!!

    I have a sketch of Knives Chau by O’Malley 😀

    • Theres another trailer out there somewhere too, not sure how closely you’re following the movie.

      I’ve never read scott pilgrim but when I was watching the trailer I started thinking about buying it the next time i’m at the book store.

      • Haven’t been following too closely, just catching snippets of news here and there.

        I am mostly just a fan of the books, which I started reading years ago when I bought his second book that had just come out to support local comic artists/creators. I found I liked it, and bought the first one to read it too…and have been a fan since. I love it for the funky humor as well as the Toronto landmarks he features in the stories, like Casa Loma, Honest Ed’s, Sneaky Dee’s and UofT, etc. At the time I was living and attending university downtown, and I felt I could relate to the characters and the overall tone of the books really spoke to me. But even now, they are very enjoyable to read still. I definitely recommend picking them up, and the digests aren’t too expensive, I don’t think. There are 5 of them out now, and the last book is due in July apparently.

        From what I saw in the trailer, the movie looks fun! The feel of it is very close to what is in the books. Looking forward to it.

        • yeah it definitely has an interesting visual style, and from the trailer alone the dialogue looks pretty sweet. Michael Cera can overplay the meek guy a little much but I’m definitely going to see this movie.

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