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June 1, 2010 at 8:58 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 11 Comments
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The Punishment For Bad Grammar Is Rodgort's Invocation

The Punishment For Bad Grammar Is Rodgort's Invocation

Arenanet just posted on their blog about style and grammar choices in Guild Wars 2. I shit you not. How could they get an entire blog post out of choosing which words to capitalize? Bad jokes.

I wonder if anyone notices I capitalize every word in my captions. At least I don’t have to capitalize elementalist anymore, but I do wish there was a good way to shorten the word.



  1. I was waiting for a punch line all the way through that artical. Wt?
    If he’s our lead writer, god help us, the graphics had better be good cause the stories going to suck.

    • relax, it’s not easy to write about grammar. he did a fine job considering the topic.

      • Your right maybe I am taking out my pent up agression towards my past english teachers on him. It’s ok to be stong on grammar; I get it. Quality, sure.
        OK, I await the funny questions and clarifications that are going to be asked this week and published on 5-6 different sites. Or maybe not.

  2. It’s like… Obviously a huge issue for the writer, and taking digs at previous writers… It’s like this person is OCDish and perhaps a little wrong. I see very good reason to continue capitalizing long swords and warriors, or they will get lost in a crazy lowercase mix of information. That’s what i think.

  3. this is turning out to be far more controversial than previously anticipated.

    • rofl 😀

  4. As for the article…

    I. Understand. Completely.

    I work with words (and pretty pictures) every day, I battle proofreaders. I was part of a week-long discussion over weather or not to hyphenate takeout (take out, take-out)

    I have a pamphlet of standards around here somewhere.

    This stuff is important, even if most people don’t notice it. *sage nod*

    • to me its about content, not form, I’m not big on grammar.

      • Indeed it is all about content and context. Case in Point.

        Did you konw you’re a guiens? Jsut the fcat taht you can atllacuy raed tihs psot porves taht fcat. The huamn mnid is so pufowerl it can dcodee tihs txet eevn tguohh eervy sglnie wrod is slepled iocenrtclry. The one cavaet is taht the frist and lsat lertets are pervresed in erevy wrod. Cidrgbame Uitesirnvy cetoudncd a sduty and fnuod taht the biarn deos not raed eevry snlige lteetr, but wodrs as a wohle.

        • i have no idea what you just said.

        • I can read it easy, and I am amazed at how much worse my spelling could get and still have people understand me. cool. That post Matt was more interesting than the GW2 post. Thanks.

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