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I’ll try to make this one quick. There’s not a lot I want to talk about from this interview but it does flesh out a few ideas. The interview is supposedly centering on Personal Stories but doesn’t really get into it much. Massively asks some pretty interesting questions but, Arenanet has always been a bit of a tease and holds out.

Arenanet had mentioned that your Home Instance would be large, around 10% of your Race’s city but they hadn’t really elaborated on it. Here they do.

Your home instance (which consists of an area about the size of a city block, within your character’s racial city, where you have the racial equivalent of a house – a lab, for the asura, for example – several streets, some merchant’s areas, and other city-like things) will reflect your character’s victories, their accomplishments, and the people they meet in the game.

What I take from this is fairly straight forward themed Homes. If Asura get a Lab, then Humans get a Tavern maybe, and Sylvari get a Tree, Norn a Lodge, Charr a rust bucket of some sort. Really though, I won’t guess.

They do mention that the Home Instances can be affected by your storyline.

I can say that the personal home instances in GW2 will take into account your character’s actions and storylines in that game, and we plan to tailor the home instance area to the storylines you complete, and take into account the decisions you make in your story.

Not much to say here other than I doubt the changes will be altogether impressive. Decorations, statues, furniture or a flag, I’m not betting on anything more interesting than that. They’ve mentioned specific kinds of merchants, so I’m guessing you’ll get to fill it out like a Guild Hall in Guild Wars with lots of NPCs. Not bad but I’ll wait for more information before getting too thrilled. I’m more just happy that I called it.



  1. AAAAARGH! Forgot to fill the required fields webpage has expired >.< ….now I have to type this all over again.

    Not much to go on yet but I do have thoughts on the subject. The only game I have played that had personal housing was RoM and given that you had to rent storage space and buy upgrades I never did anything with it. In guildwars the Hall of Monuments didn't really impress me much. Sure I like to pimp my toons as much as the next person but I already had titles and armor for that I dont really feel a need for a gallery of acheivments. The only real incentive I have to work on it is the still undisclosed rewards we will recieve in Guildwars 2. To be honest I rarely ever use the guild hall either it just doesnt offer me anything I cant get in town. It usually isnt any more expedient for me to press G and click travel to guild hall, than it is to press M and click on a town.
    On to the topic at hand I can see the personal housing instance being good, or I think it could fail miserably.

    What I hope the housing will be is a place for all of our crafting equipment e.g: a smithy, an alchemy lab, a kitchen, a tailor shop etc. Of course that all depends on how crafting is set up too. I think it should have storage: armor racks, weapon racks, chests for all our random junk materials and trophy items etc. Even though it's not so important to me unless it offers some benifit other than saying look what I have done. I think it should showcase achievements like the HoM because I know it is important to some people. Another thing I hope for is that the different races will have multiple choices of for lack of a better word skins. Given what they said about being able to choose if your character comes from noble blood or is a peasant for your personal story. I think it would only make sense that a peasant would have say a small cottage or farm while a noble would have say a villa, and of course appropriate for each race. But all of that is probably just wishful thinking.

    As for how I can see it being bad. With the amount of concern I have seen about the already percieved lack of need for grouping in the game. And considering that really the only point to a guild is pvp and camaraderie, otherwise it is just a glorified friends list. I think if they populate houses with npc's it would just be a death blow to the idea that this is a social game. Of course I am basing that opinion entirely on the assumption that guilds will be for the most part the same as they are now which I have no evidence for.

    But yeah like you said not really much to go on now and I could be way off base, just thoughts.

    • I think you’ve got a good point about housing replacing guild halls. for most guilds in gw its a place to congregate and hang out, talk to npcs, organize, whatever. if you’ve got all that functionality in your home instance as well, it’s just further dividing up your players.

      That is just speculation though, we will have to wait and see.

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