Massively Interviews Guild Wars 2 Design Team

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I Love This Armour

I Love this Armour

Massively interviewed Eric Flannum (can I stop saying Surprise! now?), Ree Soesbee, and John Hargrove about Guild Wars 2 design.

Let’s skip all the introduction nonsense and get to the interview.

Cryptic clues!

Will there be instanced areas such as dungeons that don’t necessarily reflect an individual’s personal story?

Ree: Yes, but they are specific locations. Those areas have their own story, too – a story that the player can interact with and visibly affect. But that’s another interview, entirely.

I find this interesting because I’ve been wondering about dungeons ever since the Event System was announced. Are there events inside dungeons? How are they going to handle that? It sounds like each dungeon has more of a story involved. And as Ree says, we’ll probably get an entire article on the subject eventually.


in Guild Wars 2 you will not have to craft the same sword 10-20 times just to level up your crafting skill. Hopefully our players will find that the only reasons they have to craft any given item more than once are because they can actually use it more than once, because they want to give it to a friend, or because they want to sell it for profit.

Trying to do carpentry in Runes of Magic was exactly like the example above. I had to make 15 or so level 5 bows to level my ability. Useless. You can be level 10 in 5 hours. It sounds like they have a good philosophy towards crafting, but how are they going to do it? Will it have levels at all? Perhaps it’s a mini-game?

Skill Acquisition!

The primary method of skill acquisition is to visit a skill trainer where you may purchase skills. Skills may also be rewarded for completing different types of combat or gained as loot drops. Every skill in the game is acquired through one of these methods including weapon skills.

Skills drop? That actually sounds kind of awesome but, does that make any sense at all lore wise? I’m hoping you can get each skill multiple ways, not have to kill stuff hoping for that elusive skill drop.

Short interview, but as always just presents more questions than answers. Why does game hype have to play out like Lost?



  1. Regardless of wether or not I actually read the wall of text associated with a quest or a dungeon or whatever and I admit sometimes I dont. It’s nice to know that the dungeons will have some story associated with them and not just be some random hole in the ground with monsters and some inexplicable treasure chest at the end.

    Crafting in RoM was agony. I hope that Anet keeps crafting similar to how it is currently in Guildwars.
    Gather x amount of materials maybe some resources and tools needed like hammers tongs and a forge etc and recipies stuff like that is reasonable. But for the love of god dont make me craft 100 worthless items ultimetly losing money in the process just to find I have to craft 200 slighlty less worthless items and so on and so forth. I log in to play not to work. On the bright side crafted items will be tradeable, hopefully they will have some viable use.

    Doesn’t seem to far a stretch to make the leap from the tomes we have now to say skill specific tradeable tomes. I agree though I hope whatever form they take that they arent rediculously rare.
    On the subject of drops would it be too much to ask that there be some sort of logic associated with what kind of things mobs drop? Like why the hell is this obviously primitive unintelligent creature carrying books? And where the hell was it holding it while its hands were busy trying to rip my limbs from my body? Maybe it is better not to question such things.

    • Some of the EOTN dungeons felt like they had a story but it felt disconnected from you. Just another flimsy quest that led you in there and then not so great rewards in some cases.

      I just wish there was a reason to go back in beyond, i need that one specific drop or I need that set of gear, the way RoM or WoW or many games do things.

      And true, i forgot about tomes, but they’re more for alts. unlocking skills you’ve already got.

  2. As far as I know you have both described crafting in every game I’ve ever played. In some you get quests too, to craft such and such and provide it to the war effort. It adds a little bit, but not much (a war effort of course needs dozens of the same thing).
    Some older games actually randomly make something of a given quality to make creating just 1 a highly likely waste of time and money.
    This is why I was glad to see GW with no real crafting; its just another form of grinding imho.
    Lets hope they change that; the more I hear the more scared that this move towards the mass market means me wasting more and more of my time without having any fun (like wow).
    The lovely thing at the auction house in WOW is that it shows what you make is a waste of time. All the materials are more expensive than the actual items you can make – does the truth hurt blizzard?
    It’s surprisingly easy to make me waste time, make me need potions, enchants, equipment and to travel there and back, and have to be max level before I can really start playing. sigh. all without having much fun. i hope they dont make content for the sake of some check list… so far its sounding very check list like.
    They are certainly handing out lots of info though; do you think theyll be able to keep this up for another 12 months till its due?

    • that was the one consistent thing about rom crafting. I actually have a post somewhere detailing how it cost me 7500 gold to make a single unit of something, and i’d be lucky to sell it for 750 gold. or something like that.

      My guess is with professions, crafting, pvp, armour, whatever surprises they have in store, they’ll probably have plenty of stuff to hold out around 8 to ten months. easiest way to tell is when they release the next profession then just add up how long it will take to release the last 6

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