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Daniel Dociu's Flying Ship

Arenanet has a lot of talented people and often they’ll give interviews where other companies probably wouldn’t. Or maybe people wouldn’t be interested in the Art Direction at Cryptic et al.? Or maybe I’m just completely oblivious to interviews with Art Directors at other game studios. Most likely the latter.

I’ve linked a few Daniel Dociu (Guild Wars 2 Art Director) Interviews since I’ve had this blog, but this one is probably the best. It’s over at, which hosts PC Gamer articles online or some nonsense. You know you’d think they’d feature PC Gamer articles or something but damned if I can even find a link from the main site.

Uh anyway. Lots of insight into just how the team works at Anet, but not really information on Guild Wars 2.

Hey, remember that Ghosts of Ascalon book I’ve blogged about a billion times? Some of my earliest posts were just trying to figure out when it was coming out. Late July, probably the 27th.

Jeff Grubb and Matt Forbeck did a quick interview with Booklife that focuses on collaboration. No new information about Guild Wars 2 or the book to be had, but it’s an interesting look into the background of why Grubb was given a co-author title and insights into writing.



  1. I’m actually posting a comment! Lol…
    I probably won’t get the book. Ive never really been into GW lore. From the cinematics in the game I wouldn’t bet on it being any good.
    Besides, why would i want to read about a game setting, when i can play or write about it? 🙂
    I was wondering, do you think your blog is more about news/facts, opinions or an even mix of both?

    • I end up posting news more than I really want to, mostly I just want to get my 2 cents in about whatever news pops up, with posts about whatever else is going on with my gaming/internet.

  2. I am getting the book since it talks about stuff after gw and before gw2… and i have little else to do since gw is mostly done and gw2 aint here.
    I think they are making a mistake releasing the other two so late however. Id be surprised to see the third book before the game comes out which well disappoint many.

    • Yeah. I’ll get the book. I think it’ll be interesting, GW has some of the finest lore in the gaming industry.

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