The Personal Storyline Follow Up

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As with previous articles, Arenanet decided to cut criticisms or misunderstandings off at the knees and address them with a follow up blog post.

For the most part these questions are, in my opinion, unnecessary. They answer questions only those who did not actually read the original post would ask, or possible questions only the most wildly imaginative and negative people would come up with.

There is precious little to talk about in the article.

you can have a certain ally join your charr warband

I get to have a Charr Warband? Do Charr not have guilds? Or is that a story element?

There’s a couple other things I’ve commented on in the past. Possible NPC romance, for instance. I can’t imagine Guild Wars 2 having a romance on the scale of a Bioware game, but it’s nice to know it’s a possibility.

At One Point You May Have To Choose Between A Hospital And An Orphanage. Check Out The See-Saw And Teddy. Orphanage?


  1. My GW1 Monk wants to marry Mhenlo, desperately.

    Alsoly bury Cynn in a deep hole.

    • well in gw2 she will be buried in a deep hole.

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