Rule Breakers are Dhuumed

May 27, 2010 at 7:40 pm | Posted in Guild Wars, mmorpg | 4 Comments
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It’s nice to see NCSoft is taking such an active role against the nerd scum who hack accounts and otherwise ruin our mutual relaxation time. That continues with Arenanets latest update yesterday in Guild Wars.

That’s Dhuum up there, one of the game’s villains and former god of the underworld.

They announced 3700 bans and 12 guilds disbanded. Now, I’ve heard of flashy punishments for players before, I believe there was a game that actually publicly crucified those who had been banned, but this is pretty cool.

My friend May has been running her own faction farming guild. Faction farming is one of the big uses for bots in GW, and 3 of her members were banned. She was not happy.

Almost forgot to add that there’s a detailed blog post over at Arenanet on the whole thing.



  1. Hahaha OH SNAP! I logged in earlier today hopeing I would get to see that in action, unfortunetly I didnt.
    Anet’s got style.

    • yeah I haven’t seen it either. sad panda.

  2. Dhuum was a nice touch to the massive ban. I showed the video to my hubby and he couldn’t stop laughing!

    • I think I would have preferred Grenth. Dhuum is supposed to be locked up!

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