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That Building Looks Angry

I probably should have posted about SabreWolf’s Youtube video series on information surrounding Guild Wars 2 much sooner. He’s already 10 episodes in.

To be honest though, I am not a big fan of video’s by fans detailing game info. Whether it be some guy showing off a dungeon run, a speed run in Super Mario, a how-to of the latest exploit or a guy recapping every piece of tiny information he can find about a game that’s coming out.

Personally I’ve already read everything Sabre has to report, and as for impressions I have my own. Plus I’m a big crank who doesn’t like to see others succeed.

To each his own however, I’m sure plenty of people would rather watch or listen to summaries such as his than work those fleshy ball things in their heads in a back and forth type motion as if to gleam information from funny shaped markings. AKA read some losers terrible blog.

Here’s his Youtube channel.


  1. No way, blog for the win.

    I watched the first one and decided that I could read faster, I needed a ‘on-sugar’ version I thinks.

    • I just prefer to have my own voice in my head I think.

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