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Male or Female Lead?

I’ve long abhorred movies based on video games. We all have, haven’t we? How many solid films have truly been made based on them? I’m not going to discuss the main culprit for my fears, he’s infamous anyway. But today is a day for fluttering. I’ve discovered news of a Mass Effect film.

Possibly. Legendary Pictures bought the rights to Mass Effect. Now they’re a decent studio. They’ve made some bad ass wicked films in the past. Everything from, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Watchmen, to the first half of 300.

On the negative side they made 10,000 B.C. and Lady in the Water.

On the up side they’re in the process of making, Jonax Hex, a new Superman, Inception, the WoW movie, and the next Batman.

On the downside they’re making the next Godzilla, a live action Bleach, and various non-great sounding films.

The producers of the film don’t give me a giant amount of hope. From Gamasutra.

Producing the Mass Effect film are Legendary’s Thomas Tull — the founder of the now-defunct video game company Brash Entertainment — and Jon Jashni, along with Avi and Ari Arad. Serving as executive producers on the film are BioWare heads Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk and Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson.

Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of film experience there other than Jon Jashni and Thomas tull, who’ve had hands in a lot of Legendary Pictures films. Avi Arad has had his hands on virtually every Marvel Comics property to hit big or small screens but, that’s no guarantee of anything. His brother, no offense to the guy, not quite as successful. Which leaves a bunch of people who don’t know how to make movies.

Personally rather than see a movie crush everything that is in the Intellectual Property as they so often do, I would rather see a well done television series done in the style of Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, or hell even Stargate: Universe. How else would you support the cast of characters from the game?

Check out Legendary Pictures full filmography here. Thanks to Ten Ton Hammer here. Thanks to Stropp here.



  1. I knew you were going to post about this. I found out earlier from the Bioware social networking site…I know, for shame, MMOGC!

    Don’t get me wrong, this is exciting news…but I gotta wonder — why?! Playing Mass Effect IS already essentially watching a movie.

    The other thing is, having a movie and knowing what happens essentially defeats the whole purpose of making your choices mean something or count in-game. Unless the movie comes out well after the release of Mass Effect 3 or if they decide to make the movie only based on the ME universe and avoid featuring Shepard and crew all together. But then again, that might not fly because I would argue that Shepard IS Mass Effect and the fans have come to make that association.

    • FOR SHAME.

      Yeah it’s all about the money. Lot of people out there who’ve never played it who might like to plop down 10 bucks on a movie. Hollywood is out of ideas.

      I don’t know about that last point. There’s a big twist in Watchmen but it didn’t stop me from seeing the movie, I suppose that’s a bit different though.

      I don’t know if the movie would screw with my choices, my own narrative of what’s happening. Mostly I would see them as two different things. I think.

      • Well, I’d watch the movie regardless of what happens in the original medium, just to see how the producers of the movie will go about bringing the world to life. But in general, I also expect movies to have their own take on things, just like how the second half of Kick Ass was drastically different from the comics, and how the ending in Watchmen movie was a little different than the ending in the graphic novel. It was a good call…because you know, not sure how well a giant alien thingy would have translated on screen.

        I think the main problem I foresee myself having with a Mass Effect movie is that the games themselves are already an excellent cinematic experience. I’ve also come to love my Shepard the way I played her — female, paragon, etc. Though it’s not the canon Shep, it’s the one I’ve familiarized myself with and seeing another on screen will just feel weird.

        • fair enough. my big problem with any movie would be how they’d desecrate the source material to make some sloppy, poorly written shlockfest.

          but yeah i’d see it too.

  2. They doing a wow one too.

    I hate seeing my gaming stuff go onto the mainscreen where normal people see it. They see the trash and turn to me and say, “you play games like this? You play trash which all about killing?”.


    Killing, backstabbing, sexual explotation and gold farming; common!

    • I turn it back on them. Ask them why they like Sex and the City so much after going to see it.

  3. If it comes to fruition, I’d say there’s a good chance they can get Yvonne Strahovski to play Miranda Lawson. Win-Win in my book.

    • I’m not sure she’s a movie star. She’s a great tv actress but can she handle a film role?

      • I’d say she can handle it. Besides, the role of Miranda Lawson was based off her, so how hard could it be?

        • yeah i know but I don’t doubt that the studio would think about hiring a bigger star depending on the size of her role, if the character made an appearance in the sequel.

  4. Dont lie you all know you are excited for it, I mean some of the greatest movies in history have been based on video games.
    Case in point..

    • dennis hopper = great career choices

      • And on that note Dennis Hopper has passed away today.

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