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May 25, 2010 at 7:06 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 6 Comments
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Can I Buy This Globe Thing?

I’ve got the Arenanet blog in my feeder so it pops up pretty quickly when there’s something new. I got all a flutter when I opened up bloglines to find it’s entry bolded.

Quick aside, do you guys use Bloglines or Google reader? I’ve had the occasional problem with Bloglines and I’m thinking of switching to Google because I already use the personalized Google Homepage for stuff.

Anyway turns out it was a survey they wanted me to fill out about what kind of merchandise I’d be interested in for Guild Wars 2.

The sorts of things I personally would be most interested in are stuff like a well designed t-shirt the likes of which Jinx (another aside, I can’t get to their site lately, anybody else?) might make. There’s a long list of other apparel I don’t think most people would be remotely interested in. Undergarments? How could I look my lover in the eye? Socks? Who’d buy designed, licensed, specially made socks?

There’s Clothing, Prints, Tech, and Collectible merchandise, so if you want something in particular, go take the survey.



  1. I started using google reader recently, never even heard of bloglines…it’s okay so far, does its job.

    And I can get to the Jinx site just fine. Check again?

    • Mmm cool. Yeah I just checked jinxs twitter, they’ve been having problems since the 17th at least, cleared my cache but it still ain’t workin. bah well.

  2. Googles a bit under powered for me, I enjoy using RSSOwl for all my RSS needs. Runs in the background and pops up as it finds somethings updated which is critically important if its GW2 stuff!
    Try the google thing out you can import your google stuff if you find it’s not up to the task.
    I laughed at your thought of strange stuff, I like the socks since its something I could wear to work and not get killed same with the underwear wheres the tie option?
    I went for the posters too since my wall has a lot of gw posters on it already but its not quite covered up, got some space yet. I aint going for the 40 buck ones though thats a little over the top.
    Does it come with beta access? Then I’d pay a 100 for it.

    • that sounds like a pretty cool program but I’m not really interested in a program running in the background. I have enough already.

      they’ve got so much concept art and so few posters.

  3. I use Google Reader, but generally only access it once in the morning, on my iPod while having breakfast.

    … which is why I don’t comment as much as I would. Typing on the device is slow and comment forms don’t always play nice.

    • u could lrn 2 type lik u r 14 yrs old. EZr

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