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Giant Problem

Zam released the first half of their newest interview with Arenanet a few days ago, but I’ve been waiting around for the second half to drop before posting. Overall, it’s not a must-read Guild Wars 2 article, but it gives a rounded feeling to some of the topics covered lately. It covers a number of different topics instead of concentrating on one particular aspect.

In the first part they discuss story telling aspects, voice overs, cinematics, lore, transition from Guild Wars to GW2. In the second part they go into a little more depth on voice acting, a lot more in depth on lore, and plenty of more information on story telling. So you can see why it might not really be worth reading.

The French website Luna Atra (which I believe in French means “we surrender”) had a much better interview in which a few interesting things were touched upon.

There’s a substantially higher level cap. In Guild Wars the level cap is 20, and although in the Prophecies campaign it can take you quite some time to reach level 20, in Nightfall it’s much quicker and in Factions it will take you only a few short hours of play. Here they make it sound as though the level cap is much higher but you’ll still reach it fairly quickly.

They also discuss unlocking skills. To gain Elite Skills in Guild Wars you had to venture out into mostly high level areas and kill specific bosses who utilized those same skills, and then capture them with a signet. There are approximately 300. Not so in Guild Wars 2. Due to the smaller number of skills, there didn’t seem to be a need.

From beta onward people complained that there was no Auction House in Guild Wars. It was one of my biggest irritants. Not only will GW2 have an AH, it’s going to be accessible from the web, just like the web based chat they’ve announced. Interesting. Ah and you can post things you wish to buy as well, cool I guess. Not sure how you won’t get ripped off with that but okay.

In the distant past (can’t find the link) I’ve discussed how the World vs World pvp sounds kind of like RTS in that you have fortresses that you protect and caravans that supply you. Here’s a quick couple quotes that elaborates on that.

The mines we’ve mentioned in WvW are a mechanic that is specific to WvW. Each fortress can receive supplies from a mine and/or lumber mill. These resources will allow defenders to rebuild walls, build new siege engines, and generally defend their fortress.

A single player might intercept a resource cart to a lumber mill. A group of players might assault the mill and take control of it for their own side. An army of players might assault a massive castle, breaching the walls, gates, and towers with powerful siege equipment and capturing it for their world.

The final thing I want to get into is the new size for the competitive teams. They’re going from 8v8 to 5v5. I guess that makes it easier to put together teams, and they keep dancing around the GvG aspect, making it sound as though it won’t be Guild versus Guild at all.

There’s plenty of other information on lag, servers, PvP and whatnot, so go check out the interview if you’re interested.



  1. Something I’ve been a bit curious about for a while, and I’d like to get your opinion on, is the name of the game. “Guild Wars” The lore of GW talked about the guild wars in the past tense and relegated the war(s) with the Charr as being more important to gameplay for players. Outside of PvP, there really weren’t any incidents of guilds fighting guilds. GvG is an obvious exception, but given your statement above about potentially doing away with GvG in GW2, where does the name fit?

    I’m hoping to learn more about this when they talk about guilds, but for me, as far as PvE is concerned, they game may as well be called “Dragon Wars” or even simply “Tyria.” It is a question of Anet that I’m sure will never be asked, but it is one in my opinion that has been overlooked. How are new players going to perceive a game that has no connection to its name?

    Food for thought.

    • I’ve always thought the guild system was under developed in GW, you only get a few basic options as far as guild menu goes, even if you do get a large selection in choice of hall.

      However as during the original GW you are virtually always at war and in a guild, at war with the charr post-sear, at war with the stone summit, white mantle, mursaat, just to cover prophecies. Since you’re in a guild, I guess that covers the whole guild wars thing.

      But yeah I’d like to see a whole lot more guild lore and attention paid to guilds.

  2. Well certainly in the original they wanted PVE to be the training ground the PVP to be the main subject – which isn’t what happend. However even then you should be in a guild, and you should be fighting it out somewhere be it Pvp or pve.
    Not being in a guild in GW is bad, especially now.
    I would expect given that wow is pushing guild achievements and such that we’ll see a lot more of this guild specific stuff coming up soon.

    • Yeah cataclysms revamping of their guild system looks pretty good.

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