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Orange Juice and Cooking Oil Packaged Together

Dear Internet

Often I am amazed by you. Not due to the wealth of educational material, but by your users ingenuity, imagination, and the ability to have fun with virtually anything. Whether it be the revelation that there will be a MacGyver movie, or what items are only sold in Chinese Walmarts.

Regards, hunter.


  1. Heh, I lived in Beijing from when I was 6 years old until I was 10, and then in Shanghai when I was 17. Much of that stuff is pretty common place around markets in China, and I’ve also seen much crazier stuff.

  2. Though I wonder which walmart that one is though…until last year, my parents were still working in Beijing, and as far as I know, the Walmart there has nothing of the stuff they show in the pics. But who knows, they have new Walmarts popping up over there every day.

    • that must have been quite cool, especially at 17. but you must tell me mmogc, what is #6?!

      • Definitely, my year in Shanghai was the best year of my life. I went to an expatriate high school there, my friends and I went club and bar hopping every weekend and partied all year. Yes, there’s a drinking age in China but no one cares. I have so many @#$%ed up stories.

        And not sure what #6 is either, but it can any of a number of chinese sausages that are smoked and dried…I see them in Chinese smoke houses even in Chinatown here all the time, but those in the picture look really nasty. It’s not mouse meat if that’s what people are wondering LOL…pretty sure that sign above the meat says something about celebrating the year of the rat.

        • I’ve never left north america so I envy people living abroad.

          So they’re some kind of year of the rat sausage. piled 5 feet high in an aisle of walmart. well i’m sure they’d find out walmarts just as strange.

  3. Pig’s Face… I wonder what it is used for.

    • I’m going with halloween masks.

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