Lost: 6 Moments for 6 Seasons

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You're Gonna Die Charlie!

I was reading Lola’s blog and I guess it inspired me. She posted her 6 favourite moments, 1 per season of Lost, which airs it’s finale tonight. I happened to catch the pilot, knowing absolutely nothing beforehand about the show. It was striking from the beginning. I’ve followed it ever since.

Season 1: I liked the pilot, it had a lot going for it. Action, mystery, Jack getting sewed up by Kate, a terrifying howl from the jungle, and in the second part, the pilot getting eaten alive and a polar bear!? I can’t even remember what episode they discover the radio signal was playing for 16 years but that was cool. It was all good but the 4th episode, if the pilot is 2, was what really addicted me. Walkabout is one of the greatest episodes in television in the past 10 years. Not only was it shocking to discover Locke was paralyzed, it was played with such intensity and pathos by Terry O’Quinn that I didn’t miss another episode until halfway through season 2. Because, you know, season 2 sucked.

Season 2: There was a lot of filler in season 2, most of it having to do with the hatch and the countdown and the button and OMG stfu ffs! No matter the shocking revelations (locke finds the glow in the dark map on the drop door) or disturbing character deaths (michael murders libby and ana lucia), my favourite episode came in the season finale, Live Together, Die Alone. Knowing we’d never have to go back to the Hatch was thrilling. They blew it up, those maniacs!

Season 3: There are a lot of good plot elements in season 3, Juliette changing sides, Desmonds precognition, jack’s incarceration so that he can operate on ben. There’s a few memorable episodes too, Tricia Tanaka is Dead, The Glass Ballerina, Expose, Flashes Before Your Eyes. The whole sequence where Locke has Sawyer beat Lockes father, fantastic. The second best moment was obviously having Locke pushed out a window, but it’s just not the best. I hate to keep going straight to the season finale well, but Through the Looking Glass had my favourite moment. Charlie was my favourite character. You all everybody! It also had the first flash forward which blew my mind, so it’s a winner either way.

Season 4: Argh it starts in 5 minutes I should wrap this up. I’m going to say the Economist. Although finding out Jermey Bentham equals John Locke and oh yeah they’re both dead was awesome, seeing Sayid in bad ass mode was spectacular. It just was.

Season 5: I can’t think of any specific moments. LaFleur as an episode was good, I’m not sure if that’s where you find out Sawyer has somehow become apart of the dharma initiative. Perhaps I should go with finding out that the new locke is not locke. Or not his corpse. When did we find that out? Not good blog writing Hunter. Maybe commenters can help.

Season 6: Far and away one of the best moments of season 6 is Desmond Straight Up mowing down locke in a wheel chair. I’m a big fan of that moment. Just did not see it coming.

Bye Lost! I Love You!

You Will Never Again Receive So Much Enjoyment From Seeing An Innocent Paralyzed Man Get Hit By A Car



  1. these are great, it was really hard for me to pick just one per episode!

    • I think you mean one per season, but even so sometimes one per episode was difficult. I came very close to picking sawyer beating lockes father from man from talahasse but then realized, thats the same episode where locke gets pushed out the window, and of course ultimately went with charlie, but still.

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