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More Garden Concept Art

Indeed, people had eve more gripes with the Dynamic Even System and Eric “Surprise” Flannum stepped up to answer them on the Arenanet Blog.

A large portion of what he talks about is centered around whether or not people will get griefed. Now, I have been known to enjoy a tiny bit of griefing here and there. Mostly with words, not through ganking or kill stealing. Yet I’m not sure I understand all the worry. Of course they’ll take that into consideration, how clueless would they have to be to overlook the possibility of being griefed? Long story short, they’re on it.

I was hoping they would get more into the loot system, and they do mention the Karma from yesterday, but not much else. I had suspected Karma was more like a faction reward you can turn in to merchants for goods, but I didn’t mention that in my post. I totally missed out on being a know it all.

Karma is basically a non-tradable resource that is used for a variety of things in the game. For example, certain merchants only accept karma in exchange for their goods and services.

I’m kicking myself.

The rest of the blog post goes on to address a bunch of non-issues that only the most paranoid forum super nerd would come up with in their heads. Or possibly paranoid blog writers who may have to rewrite their draft about possible problems with the event system.



  1. I want to be suprise when I play, so I dont read all thoese examples…
    show us the next proffesion already!

    • I wouldn’t count on professions very often. 8 professions, 8 to 12 months. best case scenario once a month.

      • I was thinking the same thing. One a month makes sense. They’ll prolly start beta in January and release it on GW 6 yr anniversary in April. They said the beta would be short and near the release date. I’d say 3 months is pretty short and with all the info they’re putting out, people will be able to zoom through the beta looking for specific problems. I think part of putting content out there is to fix a lot of the problems before beta through concerns posted by, ahem, “paranoid forum super nerds and paranoid blog writers.” 🙂

        • Yeah I agree, but they have mentioned before that beta could be some time this year, so I’m not ruling out them starting it earlier than your guess, although you could be right.

          I’m hoping they’re not even really releasing all that much information. a drop in the bucket is what I’m hoping for.

          • I agree. I’d like to have some game content left to explore when I buy it. I’m as curious as the next GW2 fan, and I love reading about what I can expect, but I really want to sink my teeth into the actual content, rather than the (awesomely cool) promises of content that Anet is handing out. I’d like to know when the beta has begun, not so much because I want to participate, but because it puts at least a vague deadline on the release.

  2. do you think guild waes 2 will realse in 12 months?
    I hoped it would be shorter, before I go to the army.

    • All they have said about it is that it will probably be released in early 2011. which includes the first 6 months in my estimation. however they’ve also hinted that a short beta could happen in late 2010. So probably closer to 8 months than 12. That’s all guesswork though.

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