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Garden Concept Art

I had this whole post written up about potential problems with the Event System in Guild Wars 2. I left it as a draft because I had a feeling I was forgetting a few points I had wanted to make. Well to use an antiquated phrase, you snooze, you lose. Or how about, the early bird gets the worm. Oh I like this game. Nice guys finish last! A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

What I’m saying is I should have posted it, because today Arenanet posted a blog answering a lot of frequently asked questions about their Events. Now that post needs to be rewritten or discarded. Bleh.

It’s a very intriguing article for a number of reasons. It answers questions I never asked, already knew the answers to, and stuff I really was wondering about. As usual I’ll do my best to point out what’s interesting.

The first question is about when Events reset. People for some reason were worried they’d permanently miss out on content. In my mind it was never a worry, why would they produce content a few select people would get to experience, and then no one else ever again? Ridiculous. However, Colin “Dynamic Event” Johanson (I like giving people nicknames) addresses things I didn’t even know existed.

If an NPC dies in a dynamic event, their corpse might sit there waiting for players to come resurrect it and kick-start the event chain again, or it may re-spawn some time later.

Ressurect an NPC. I like that.

The next question is about just how cyclical these events really are, and they vary of course. Some could take only 15 minutes, some hours. Some could sit forever unless a player activates them, and some are actually based on really cool triggers.

Some events only occur when specific conditions are met, like a snow storm rolls into the map, or night falls over the graveyard.

I knew they would have weather, and day or night cycles, but to think they go so far as to cause certain events. That once a month Werewolf event is going to be awesome (in my dreams).

The next question itself is awesome.

If a dynamic event happens on a completely different continent, and I’m too far away to get there in time for it, will I ever get to experience that event in the future?

Are there going to be multiple continents at launch? I’m thinking no, but there’s concept art that signals Elona. Anyway the answer is boring, of course you get to experience that event? How many times do they have to repeat it’s cyclical?

Can two events run parallel and influence each other? Yes.

For example, one group of players could be escorting a merchant to the town of Beetletun with a shipment of beer from Divinity’s Reach. When they get near Beetletun, the players could discover that Beetletun is currently under attack by centaurs and the players can join in the battle to save the town. Saving the town not only liberates the now grateful citizens, but also allows the beer shipment to reach the now even more grateful citizens! The merchant will set up shop in town and a new beer merchant becomes available for a while

There are specific beer merchants now? Do I have to be 19? Arenanet you are a bunch of enablers, you know that.

Orr is most likely the end game of Guild Wars 2. Zhaitan, the dragon that raises the sunken continent from the ocean floor because that’s just how bad ass he is, makes his home there and has been cited as the big bad in Guild Wars 2. They go on to describe some of the events of coming to Orr.

you storm the beaches of Orr, clearing out enemy defenses and creating a location for troops to set up a forward base in enemy territory, it will really happen! You and other players will wipe out the enemy, destroy their defensive structures, clear a path for the troops to land, and watch them build a command center while you defend them. You’ll see mortars and catapults being built, watch golems carry in supplies, and witness troops begin the assault on the Orrian mainland.

Are they going all Private Ryan on us? I hope so.

Now if I were a giant obnoxious nerd, by now I’d be asking Arenanet about details of their loot distribution tables. I am not that nerd, but I was curious as to how loot was distributed from events. Apparently loot will never be given as a reward for an event. However.

All events reward you with experience, gold, and karma, which you can spend at merchants and vendors in the game to purchase rewards.

What the crap? I’m left wondering if you also get Karma from all those personal story choices we are supposedly getting. I would have to believe so. You are always rewarded for participating, even if you fail the event, and events have specific end points. Events then branch out after that end point.

I have one concern.

everyone who helps kill a particular monster will receive rewards for doing so.

Does this extend to bosses? And if someone or a group of someones are not interested in an event, but are in the rare loot from a boss, what’s to stop them from breezing past the event to the boss, particularly if they’re high level, killing the boss collecting the loot and leaving? I’m sure they’ve thought that part out though, it’s too obvious a problem or maybe the rare loot is reserved for dungeons or something.

That’s about the extent of that post. Answers a few pretty obvious question, brings up a few questions. Eric “Surprise” Flannum is going to have more to say on Loot and perhaps Karma and Merchants tomorrow apparently. Ree “No nickname yet” Soesbee will supposedly have more on the personal stories soon as well. There ain’t no rest for the wicked.



  1. I thought this is all fairly obvious stuff, and its a little disappointing to see people not understanding it. Thats life I guess, lets move on and stop telling me about stuff I get to do in the game. I don’t want to read about the whole game before I get to play it. I just want some info to keep me interested in the game while I wait. I am trying to skip the examples actually, espeically that orr stuff thats like near end game I am assuming.
    I do love the day night thing always wanted that. Its surprising how these sorts of things help an mmo. Having clocks in WOW that sound on the hour, and weather patterns are absolutely wonderful – especially the rain.
    It does sound a little concerning about the bosses but you are right theyll have sorted it out, perhaps only people who are participating in the event get the bosses stuff? wait and see eh.

    • Yeah they really do seem to have to repeat themselves a lot but you can’t expect everyone to keep up to date on every detail like we do.

      I like the examples as long as they seem like they’re from early in the game, I don’t want to read about Orr if its end game either.

    • Sadly, Melski, we still have people wandering into discussions asking if GW2 will be instanced like GW1, or if there will be jumping. 🙂

      I think there’s going to be a looooooot of repetition on the dynamic events, for every time someone says, “so, it’s just like a Warhammer Public Quest, right?”

      • Just like years after gw1 was released people kept asking if it was going to have a subscription.

        I’m getting more and more annoyed by the warhammer comparison even though its kind of a fair one. People just don’t bother to research anything beyond what they’re told and draw conclusions anyway.

        Reminds me of politics.

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