Guild Wars 2 Fashionistas Rejoice

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Pirate? The Image Name Indicates So

This ones a bit more for the ladies I think. Or at least those interested in polygon counts and map textures and most of all, clothing design in Guild Wars 2.

Kristen Perry is a character designer at Arenanet and she gave an interview to the Arenanet Blog. She talks about, what else, character design. She’s intelligent, wordy, not familiar with giving straight forward answers to straight forward questions, and pretty funny.

Normally this would be where I make a lot of jokes about girl stuff. Fashion, Sex and the City, giggling. That stuff. However, maybe I’m maturing as a human being, because that seems sexist. Maybe this one isn’t for the ladies after all, I’m sure there’s tons of men out there who found this article fascinating. If you did, strike a blow for feminism, and pipe up in the comments.



  1. You don’t care about fasion? I find that hard to believe, are you saying you didn’t spend 100k gold on your dervish armour? GW is all about looks, and I think its great.
    I didnt get alot from the artical as they made a lot of assumptions which I guess I’ll go with now. For example, the armour cant be mixed and matched unlike WOW where you can make your own up.
    It’s always strange the comparisons between WOW and GW. My WOW friends always tell me GW is crap cause you have like 8 armours to choose from. I always tell my WOW friends that they all look mismatched, and you are all aiming to look identical to each other with their latest teir sets.
    Personally I love the details and the variety of the GW armours and to me GW is hands down winner.
    Good to hear its all dyable.
    I was hoping they would go with, is it lotro? where you get two sets of armour, one for the looks and one for the stats. That would free me up a lot.
    I love the images so far, the faces throw me a bit some look flat like GW (all females) but the one male in the screen shots for this one look good. The elementalist in particlar seems to have issues with the hair and head, the hair looks like its holding on for dear life. Anyway, yeah go looks.

    • As a matter of fact I spent hardly anything on my dervish armour.

      Its a lot of technical stuff I expect people familiar with 3d modeling would be more interested in, and people interested in design. I’m not really interested in the particulars of the article no.

      You can tell your friends theres more than 35 max armour sets, plus costumes, plus odd accessories.

      Lotro does have that i think but I haven’t used it.

  2. It’s dye-able? That’s nice to know…I hate looking like a rainbow exploded on my character.

    • I do hope they have a slightly better dye-able system that the current one which seems to let the same dye result in slightly different colours depending which armour you put it on. So in GW, yes you can avoid the exploding raindbow look, you cant quite get the colors matching which is almost good.
      As for 35 different sets of armour, I thinks thats the grand total? Not per profession? I don’t really care that much since I love the GW system above all others but still.
      The technical stuff was relatively interesting however they didn’t mention anything that indicated use of anything above directx 9 which is a little disappointing. Surely it’ll be atleast directx 10 so we can get so mulitprocessor love from micrsoft.

      • graphics are the very last thing a studio perfects before the release of a game.

    • All armours are dyable, some have color elements that are not adjustable.

  3. The other thing they seemed to indicate that the armours from GW don’t translate over to GW2… so I not sure how they going to link your achievements for your armours across?

    • I don’t think thats settled yet. They didn’t indicate one way or another.

  4. Oh don’t worry, I’ll cover all those stereotypical feminine bases for you 😉

    • lol, cool!

  5. i won’t lie, i hate weird looking armor in games. you don’t want to know how much time i spent on those sliders in the armor “dying” station in Mass Effect 2 🙂

    • There are plenty of weird looking armours in GW1, but they tend to be fantastically weird, or ugly. Plenty of good looking armour too of course.

      In the GW wiki, there are absolutely reams of pages about what parts of armour you can dye and not dye, dye charts, how to get dye, people were obsessed.

  6. Most of the female armors doesnt look like it gonna protect its owner with all thoes uncovered parts…

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