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There needs to be an I Heart WordPress Image

I’ve been blogging here for about 8 months now. I do precious little to advertise my blog or get people to come here. I think about it more like, if I’m a good writer, people will come. And while some people do come, I’m sure it could be more popular if I actually put that whole effort thing in to it. Still, I’m enjoying it.

I used to have a blog on a similar site to wordpress, called modblog. It became unstable and shut down, taking with it hundreds of my posts, and I stopped blogging.

I don’t have much artistic talent, so when I picked the theme, I wanted something clean and simple. I’m pretty incapable of coming up with my own header or background, so those have remained as plain as possible. The themes that are gaining in popularity with the big splash pages and featured articles, and tons of clutter really annoy me. Are they a corporate merchandise store or a blog?

Is anyone else having issues with adding images and hitting the preview button?

Anyway I was goingg to track how I was doing at the 6 month mark but totally put it off. The statistics page at WordPress is pretty addictive, but I’m not sure if others follow it closely. I check it almost every day, and always check out who has referred here, what posts people like, what links people bother to click on. I might be a little OCD at times.

A few things bug me about my stats. My all time top search, is a certain wascally wabbit, who I will not help continue his supremacy by mentioning his name. Make one damn reference to him in one post about MMO malfunctions and Google goes nuts. There are over 4k searches for him. Facepalm is a distant second. Only 2 MMO searches round out my top ten, Runes of Magic and Guild Wars 2.

My top referrers are all due to a couple of specific posts. The Obey vs Dismantle viral campaign summary, and the fan art post. Guild Wars Guru, Guru2, the unofficial wiki, and the German Online Welten. WordPress’ Runes of Magic tag and Guild Wars 2 tag are pretty high up, as well as my #1 commenter MMOGC.

My top post is my shameful secret. I made a post early on about exploits you can find in Runes of Magic. I knew them all, and posted in depth about them. Usually after they had been fixed, but, that’s not why it’s popular. The Wabbit is. It’s twice as popular as my homepage. Most of my top posts are about RoM, Elite Skills, More Elite Skills, More Exploits, a post about RoM guild drama. The only 2 posts in the top ten not concerned with RoM are my Classes of Guild Wars 2, and my OvD page.

8 of my top ten clicks are all about the War in Kryta, with that link taking the top spot. One of the other 2 is the runes of magic tag, the other is this image of possible Guild Wars 2 armour.

I’ve got around 25k hits, my busiest day was 890, the day I posted the Fan Art. Yesterday I got 514 hits, but that’s slightly busier than normal. 246 posts, 331 comments. Aksimet has protected me from 183 spam comments. Only about 3 have gotten past it.

That’s about all. I would prefer that my most recent posts were more popular than some search fodder, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I’m getting slightly bored with this theme, but then again, I don’t know what I’d switch to. I might put effort into a header at some point, its the easiest thing to change, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to it. I hope this didn’t bore you guys too much, but I guess I wanted some record of how the blog was doing for future reference. Do you guys pay this much attention to your stats?


  1. 1) i’m OBSESSED with my stats page! i keep it open in my browser & tell people it’s because i like to respond to comments quickly, but really it’s because i like to see the hits (it’s like virtual people watching).
    2) i like your theme, sometimes i think that mine is too cluttered but when i end up adding 3 new widgets every time i delete one.
    & 3) how have you only had 183 spam comments??? i’ve only had 7000 hits & i’ve got almost 400 spam comments!

    • 1. Its a strange addiction isn’t it? I don’t understand it at all. the majority of hits are mostly searches and random. yet its fascinating.
      2. Your theme seems a little more personal. I see mine as having no personalization.
      3. That is odd. perhaps someone made the mistake of clicking on one of your spam comments and now they target you?

  2. I check out my blog stats at least once every day too, and I’m most interested in the referral and search info. I’ll try to link someone back if they’ve linked me, etc. and the search is sometimes quite amusing to go through. I find what people are looking for are quite indicative of what most people are playing. Like, when STO came out, everyone was so pissed off at the crafting system…my blog got a lot of hits from searches on the NPC in charge of it. Now I get a lot of hits about how to get to the new zone in AoC LOL.

    • do you get many of those “Incoming Links”? I don’t, i’ve had 2 or 3 over the life of the blog. I think because its so rare its the one type of referral i look forward to seeing the most but never see.

      I *wish* my searches were relevent to what I was blogging about. bugs bunny, facepalm, and daredevil have been my top 3 for the past 4 or 5 months.

      • Yeah, I have at least ten entries under “incoming links”…I’m not sure if 10 is the most they’ll show.

        I just checked my search stats for all time, the damn STO npc still takes top spot, but the khitai question has climbed to number 2! Holy crap.

        • people really don’t know how to get into that zone.

      • Oh I was thinking about stats the other day…do you usually see patterns over weeks and months? I mean, do you see dips on the weekends like a lot of other people? And for some reason for me, Wednesdays and Thursdays usually see higher traffic, adds another meaning to “hump” day 😀

        • i definitely see dips on weekends, for me starting as early as friday and starting to rise on sunday, mondays can be as big as wednesdays every couple of weeks but I do get the wednesday hump day.

  3. I do have a blog but its not advertised, its just for the family. I still look at the stats now and then to make sure enough of the family is reading it to make it worth while (though as it turns out its also a great diary).
    I’d say due to your vigilance on things that are GW2 you’ve made some friends. It’s certainly why I keep a close eye on you; you also always reply which is nice.
    It’s only because of you that I’ve looked at this starwars mmo, so they owe you some money.
    Keep up the good work.

    • thanks melski. yeah, I think if someones taking the time to write a comment, if I can think of something to say, I should respond.

      SWTOR is A New Hope for star wars fans. I can’t wait.

  4. I loooooooove my stats. I even installed feedburner because I can see what countries my followers are from :3

    By FAR, my most important posts are my druid color charts. In fact, search ‘druid color chart’ in google and I’m the first two solutions (one for tauren and one for night elf).

    I’m happy that those assets are still popular and people are still using them, but I’m hopeful that slowly my Guild Wars 2 posts will overtake my old WoW posts. It’ll probably happen once GW2 actually comes out xD

    • again, I wish people searching for stuff came here for the subject matter, not random words I’ve used. Be proud of that.

      feedburner is free? or costs money?

  5. I found this blog too because of your OvD post!

    oh and maybe you can change the font to arial?

    • You don’t like my font? I’ll think about it. It would require if sign up for the typekit service.

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