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Jora and Norn Bear

I have to admit that the new initiative of Guild Wars Beyond, to create lore and content that connects Guild Wars with Guild Wars 2, has both been impressive, and a disappointment so far.

The activities I’ve participated in are following the viral campaign, exiting and re-entering instances to read new dialogues, adventuring out to the Blade Camp to read new dialogues, reading the War In Kryta webpage, collecting items for the scavenger hunt, watching various dialogues in various zones, randomly killing lots of Peacekeepers, and watching Zinn’s Trial (can you guess what Zinn’s Trial has lots of?).

The viral campaign was fun to follow, I admit, and the dialogues are well written and often funny. Kudos. I’m not expecting the world to crash down in an orgy of new content either, that’s unreasonable. I was kind of expecting quests though? Something that required a group, or at least promoted getting into groups.

Today I woke up to another Guild Wars update, which seemed relatively sizable. My update RSS feeder said something about Lion’s Arch, so I went straight there, and sure enough, a new npc giving me access to the Royal Keep area was there.

I’ve long wondered what was back there, unfortunately, it was kind of anti-climatic. It’s just a throne area, with a bunch of NPCs. Sure it’s good looking and everything, but it just seems without purpose. First there was the Blade Camp, now there’s the Keep. No quests in either. I’m sure there will be more. Just not right now.

I’m not saying I haven’t had fun. The viral campaign was a blast. I enjoyed finding new dialogues and fighting new mobs. Zinn’s Trial is very funny. The story is good.

But I can’t really contact my friends and say “Hey want to go aimlessly wander around Guild Wars, there’s new content, sort of!” You know what I mean? It’s a lot easier to invite someone to go do new quests than to go read or look at stuff that requires a bit of explanation before hand.

Come on Guild Wars Beyond, what have you got beyond the dialogues?



  1. I know how you feel, I am waiting for this war to actually start!
    Quests that tell me to go take out the white mantle, then charge into LA with some ausra contraption to blow up masses of evil white mantle culminating in the fight in the thrown as I put her on the thrown followed by celebrations with the usual games, and a new title…
    Of course that’s what I am expecting, so I thinks they are in trouble.

    • you have a vivid imagination melski.

  2. This is especially timely, as I just spent some time yesterday entering and exiting the Talmark Wilderness just to watch Princess Salma talk to Livia a few times, then run around the secret lab. Exciting!

    • heh, yeah i posted it just before the update I think. but still. other than looking around… not much to do.

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