Guild Wars 2 Vanquishes Quest Text

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Centaur Inferno

POW! That’s a headline! Right? Sometimes it’s hard to come up with one. Anyway not only did they release an overview of the Dynamic Event System in Guild Wars 2 on their website, they did a few interviews. Aside from annihilating boring quest text they talked about a lot of things. I was alerted via Guru2 of all 3.

IGN interviewed Colin Johanson (Wha?! No Flannum? I am surprised) and basically just covered the same ground as the feature in my last post but there were a few interesting examples.

“A giant lightning storm could form over the map, and lightning bolts could start shooting down, creating lightning elementals all over the place,” Johanson says. “Lightning elementals that cause events that chain out from that, as elementals spread out across the map and start to cause havoc.”


“In an Asura map, you could find a small magical device that is the key to open an ancient Asura lab from hundreds of years ago. If you get the key and you go up and stick it in the keyhole, the Asura labs will open and it will kick off a whole event chain.” The device, Johanson explains, would be a rare drop

There’s a few other examples worth reading the article for and I’d say this interview deals with the concerns of players more than most, asking about possible exploitation, griefers and the like.

Meanie Centaurs

Eurogamer, not to be left out, scrambled aboard the Johanson bus and got their own interview. Again most of what they have to say is covered elsewhere, but there are interesting examples and small points of interest through the interview.

Let’s say you are a Charr warrior. You can join up with the Iron Legion Charr and a force that is marching out to assault the Flame Legion base – the bad Charr. A whole bunch of different events cascade out from this assault. There’s a troop of engineers to escort who set up mortars. That kicks off another event where you defend them as they try to build the mortars. If you successfully defend them, and the mortars go fully operational, they start firing down on the main Flame Legion base.

It goes on from there of course, so I won’t spoil every single event. They also talk about how the quests are essentially split between events and personal storylines. Storylines will have lasting impact. Here’s one example.

Locations will get destroyed, and this is a little bit of a spoiler for you, but early on in one of the Human storylines you have to pick between trying to get to a hospital or an orphanage – which one do you want to save first? The bandits are going to attack both. Based on the choice you make it has a dramatic effect on your storyline.

An orphanage or a hospital? Somebody has been watching too much Hard Boiled.

There’s a ton of minor points in the Eurogamer interview, I’d highly recommend reading this one out of all 3. Tidbits about NPCs who fall in love with you and follow you around, talk of endgame, mini-games, and plenty of other stuff.

The third interview is in Danish, from gamereaktor. Although I’ve read the google translation, thanks guru2 forums, it is still kind of confusing. It covers the same ground as the previous interviews, with a few new descriptions of events and what not but it’s kind of hard to follow. It is somewhat short though so check it out if you’re a superfan.

Check Out The Shield


  1. I gotta say, now THAT sounds really cool. GW2 has gone from a game I’ve just been interested in reading about once in a while to one that I’m really looking forward to play now.

    • even if the event system doesn’t change anything radically, the absence of quest text alone imo is a big step forward.

      • Yes, I agree with this, not having to read quest text well bring in a lot of new people who refuse to read quest text into enjoying what us patient people enjoy already – the lore and the roll playing a lot more (one hopes). I just hope they do have some stuff for use to read that goes a little deeper. Maybe the books well help there I dont know. They mentioned divinity reach as having amazing sound with masses of conversations you could listen to, thatll be cool. They also said the Mr Soul is doing the music again, I loved the music he did for GW1 and I was glad to hear that he’s back in GW2.

        • Yeah I hope they don’t underestimate how useful just reading random stuff was to adding to their lore in GW1.

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