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Anybody that reads my blog knows that I just love, love, love (to say “love, love, love”?) to steal content from Guild Wars 2 Guru. Part of that is simply because they have a massive devoted super geek army that I am in awe of. They’re very quick to add information, and although I know I’d find about half the stuff they do, eventually, I wouldn’t find it with the speed or thoroughness they do. So kudos to them.

With that, they added their own interview. I was a little disappointed with their 10 questions interview from a short time ago, I had even submitted a couple questions that were non lore related, and frankly, had mocked anyone considering asking a lore question. It ended up being specifically lore related, and I cried.

What do we learn from said interview?

We can look forward to a lot of different body types and customization. PvP games tend to stick you with one type, and sometimes minimal customization, per race. This helps with lag issues during PvP battles. Probably one of the reasons GW1 only had humans. What they mean by a lot is debatable.

We’ll get to customize our background and personality. Personality? That’s interesting. Can I be an obsessive compulsive over eater?

More on background and personality next weekish.

Pick-up PvP play is 100% hot-joinable. You can leave or join a game already in progress

PvP is more visual with clearer indicators of what is affecting who. Conditions, AoEs, etc.

Expect a crafting system that has multiple crafting professions, discourages player conflict over resource nodes, no “throw away” crafting of items that you don’t care about, and generally works with and enhances all of the other game systems in GW2.

On Healers. There will still be ways to support your allies and some professions will specialize in support but no single profession is always required. So it does sound like they’re trying to cut out the Holy Trinity of tank, dps, heals.

Norn are not stronger than Asura, I knew this already but it still strikes me as odd that Andre the Giant is not stronger than Peter Dinklage.

Norn beards? Really? Really? I love Really!? With Seth and Amy if you didn’t realize.

Again I’ll keep this short so head over to the actual interview for more details.


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