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Splinter is a Much Better Rat King In My Opinion

MMORPG snagged an interview with Colin Johanson (Eric Flannum must be fuming) over the whole Dynamic Event System that Guild Wars 2 is putting together. I won’t bore you by borrowing liberally from this interview as I do with virtually every interview. Most of the interview has much of the same information anyway, and even repeats itself pretty often because of repeatedly similar questions.

I’ll bullet point a few small tidbits that tickled my fancy (That sounded feminine) I’ll skip anything of real value because I’ve gone over much of that repeatedly. It’s not a bad interview though, 2nd best to that Eurogamer interview yesterday.

– The Ratmen from this post are called Skritt! They have a king! The Rat King!
– If you participate fully in the event, you get the reward, period.
– The return of Beetletun! Ahhh those nostalgic days of Rune farming.
– Seems to be, so far, a never ending litany of new examples of the event system
– A centaur creates a giant tornado that spews out earth elementals that wreak havoc. I want to see said tornado.

Followed by tons of optimistic hype and participaction lectures and all kinds of feel good on message moments.

Check out the interview here.


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