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Love, Love, Love

I’m not a big corporate follower. I don’t pay attention to earnings or news about development cycles or profits. However there have been a couple of significant conference calls at Electronic Arts and NCSoft discussing their quarterly reports.

First of all, nothing has changed on the NCSoft front. Guild Wars 2 is on schedule, which according to last known evidence was a beta in 2010, and a release in early 2011. So nothing has changed there, ho hum.

What gets me worrying about release dates though is that EA’s Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to release sometime in the same time frame. According to their conference call, TOR won’t be released in the first quarter, but will be released in the spring. Their best estimate I’m sure.

Supposing for a second that early 2011 for NCSoft is January through June, and EA is aiming for April through June, we’ve got some overlap and for me at least, we’ve got a problem.

I would like to devote myself to these two games in body and soul in the most unnaturally sinful way possible. That is going to be hard to do if they come out around the same time.


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